Changes in MFD 10R8C

 - Add custom output V option: supports CSV output for Excel spreadsheet.
 - Add 'SYS' custom output item for system site ID.
 - Number MFD item and DAD snaps in octal, to match figures shown in manuals.

 Changes in MFD 10R8B

 - Correct the editing of granule items NGW, HGU, and HGW by proper testing of
   file granularity and Big File bit.
 - Ignore custom output D option in batch or breakpoint.

 Changes in MFD 10R8A

 - Assume L-option list in non-brkpt demand if terminal has more than 132 chars.
 - Ensure no more data lines printed if J entered at pause; go right to totals.
 - Accept 'DTNE' or 'DTN' as synonym for 'TNE' - test determined by item size.

 Changes in MFD 10R8

 - Add IF.INCTRLSET, IF.INRMPKSET, and IF.INBKRLSET name sets for catalogued
   tape reels, packids, and backup reels. Also add corresponding sequence
   number cells CSQ, RSQ, and BSQ. See new section in DOC, "Multiple Item
 - Clarify use and limitations of RPACK, BREEL, and CREEL parameters.
 - Reduce size of MFD-NCB further by adding 'NOMASS' parameter to R$FILE.

 Changes in MFD 10R7H

 - Fix bug: Wild card spec input (<ITEM>.$/LE) mishandled when E used to echo
   reply. Clarify in documentation that when wild card spec input is used, the
   first mask character must be C, Y, L, or R.
 - Ensure that if only a date (YYMMDD) is entered for the higher value in a
   range test (TW/TNW) of one of the date/time values (RDT, CDT,...), the time
   for that value will default to 235959, causing the whole day to be included.

 Changes in MFD 10R7G

 - Add 'QFN' item to perform masking test on both qualifier & filename.
 - Reduce size of MFD-NCB: exclude SORT/MERGE tape module using R$FILE 'NOTAPE'.

 Changes in MFD 10R7F

 - Add 'IF.SER' test for "SERIOUS" disable (any disable other than warning).
 - Add max list count spec to have MFD list only the first n files:
   @MFD ,,,SORTD*SZU,25 . List the 25 largest loaded files
 - Add 'H+' to pause reply message, to reprint header after every pause.
 - Fix bug: printed garbage at end of totals line if Spec4-n test found 0 files.

 Changes in MFD 10R7E

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10 to handle full MODSWTIME$ timestamp range.
 - Could sometimes print a redundant custom header line after the grand totals.

 Changes in MFD 10R7D

 - Ensure MFD can handle total file counts greater than 262143.
 - Fix bug: custom output with headings could be misaligned if a secondary test
   prevented the editing of a Boolean item.
 - Add '0' secondary option: edit totals lines with commas.
 - Handle custom editing item \TYP consistently in all field sizes:
   ' '/'R','T' (1), '   '/'REM'/'TAP'/ (3), '     '/'REMOV'/'TAPE ' (5).
 - Convert GENADDNCB runstream to edit GENADD into temp file, modify, & @ADD.
 Changes in MFD 10R7C

 - Add !*xxx for editing Boolean items, to show T or F vs. 1 or 0; also
   add !xxx to show Y or N.
 - Add I custom output option for initial heading only.
 - Add MUO editing item for MUSER$ cell in octal, to show in hdg (vs. \*MUS).
 - Use different headings for \MUS (MUSER$ DEC.), \MUA (ALPHA), \MUO (OCTAL).
 - Fix problems handling date age tests (AGR, AGC, ...).
 - Fix editing of \*MUA for non-zero items in custom output.
 - Ensure READ$./xxx custom output processes all options in the version.
 - Add GENADDNCB runstream, identical to GENADD except will generate
   non-common-banked version, MFD-NCB.
 - MFD-NCB absolute no longer included; generate with GENADDNCB @ADD stream.

 Changes in MFD 10R7B

 - Add \COL and \CL+ editing items for column positioning.
 - Add \QFN & \DQN special editing items: same as \QFC & \DQF without F-cycle.
 - Add \UQN & \UDN special editing items: same as \UQF & \UDQ without F-cycle.
 - Allow S Secondary Option to force Single-File Mode regardless of Spec4-n.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 9.

 Changes in MFD 10R7A

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 7 for current version; does not affect performance.
 - Allow W option to override automatic custom output as well as J, S, or L.
 - Fix bug: showing bad last reference date for temp file in Single-File mode.

 Changes in MFD 10R7

 - Update with STM$PKG Rev. 5 routines, which will convert or edit words
   containing either a TDATE$ or the MODSWTIME$ format introduced in CP 15.0.
 - Add ability to establish automatic custom output.
 - Add W to DATE.NNNx spec, for weeks.
 - Ensure ambiguous name OWN treated as ONM (owner name) in Spec4-n input.
 - Removed secondary disk test from unloaded/first-write time.