Changes in MFD 10R7H

 - Fix bug: Wild card spec input (<ITEM>.$/LE) mishandled when E used to echo
   reply. Clarify in documentation that when wild card spec input is used, the
   first mask character must be C, Y, L, or R.
 - Ensure that if only a date (YYMMDD) is entered for the higher value in a
   range test (TW/TNW) of one of the date/time values (RDT, CDT,...), the time
   for that value will default to 235959, causing the whole day to be included.

 Changes in MFD 10R7G

 - Add 'QFN' item to perform masking test on both qualifier & filename.
 - Reduce size of MFD-NCB: exclude SORT/MERGE tape module using R$FILE 'NOTAPE'.

 Changes in MFD 10R7F

 - Add 'IF.SER' test for "SERIOUS" disable (any disable other than warning).
 - Add max list count spec to have MFD list only the first n files:
   @MFD ,,,SORTD*SZU,25 . List the 25 largest loaded files
 - Add 'H+' to pause reply message, to reprint header after every pause.
 - Fix bug: printed garbage at end of totals line if Spec4-n test found 0 files.

 Changes in MFD 10R7E

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10 to handle full MODSWTIME$ timestamp range.
 - Could sometimes print a redundant custom header line after the grand totals.

 Changes in MFD 10R7D

 - Ensure MFD can handle total file counts greater than 262143.
 - Fix bug: custom output with headings could be misaligned if a secondary test
   prevented the editing of a Boolean item.
 - Add '0' secondary option: edit totals lines with commas.
 - Handle custom editing item \TYP consistently in all field sizes:
   ' '/'R','T' (1), '   '/'REM'/'TAP'/ (3), '     '/'REMOV'/'TAPE ' (5).
 - Convert GENADDNCB runstream to edit GENADD into temp file, modify, & @ADD.
 Changes in MFD 10R7C

 - Add !*xxx for editing Boolean items, to show T or F vs. 1 or 0; also
   add !xxx to show Y or N.
 - Add I custom output option for initial heading only.
 - Add MUO editing item for MUSER$ cell in octal, to show in hdg (vs. \*MUS).
 - Use different headings for \MUS (MUSER$ DEC.), \MUA (ALPHA), \MUO (OCTAL).
 - Fix problems handling date age tests (AGR, AGC, ...).
 - Fix editing of \*MUA for non-zero items in custom output.
 - Ensure READ$./xxx custom output processes all options in the version.
 - Add GENADDNCB runstream, identical to GENADD except will generate
   non-common-banked version, MFD-NCB.
 - MFD-NCB absolute no longer included; generate with GENADDNCB @ADD stream.

 Changes in MFD 10R7B

 - Add \COL and \CL+ editing items for column positioning.
 - Add \QFN & \DQN special editing items: same as \QFC & \DQF without F-cycle.
 - Add \UQN & \UDN special editing items: same as \UQF & \UDQ without F-cycle.
 - Allow S Secondary Option to force Single-File Mode regardless of Spec4-n.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 9.

 Changes in MFD 10R7A

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 7 for current version; does not affect performance.
 - Allow W option to override automatic custom output as well as J, S, or L.
 - Fix bug: showing bad last reference date for temp file in Single-File mode.

 Changes in MFD 10R7

 - Update with STM$PKG Rev. 5 routines, which will convert or edit words
   containing either a TDATE$ or the MODSWTIME$ format introduced in CP 15.0.
 - Add ability to establish automatic custom output.
 - Add W to DATE.NNNx spec, for weeks.
 - Ensure ambiguous name OWN treated as ONM (owner name) in Spec4-n input.
 - Removed secondary disk test from unloaded/first-write time.

 Changes in MFD 10R6F

 - Fix bugs with sorting, BREAKing, and displaying certain third-word items.
 - Document numeric equivalents of advanced Spec 4 names: L0N, M0N, and M1N for
   LI0, MI0, and MI1.

 Changes in MFD 10R6E

 - Ensure age & lifespan values set as needed in Single-File mode.
 - Switch to STM$PKG for date/time editing.

 Changes in MFD 10R6D

 - Add PCF & PCA parameters (PCFULL, PCAVAIL), for % full & % available of a
   file's tracks. Use \PCx for whole %s, \*PCx to include 10ths of %. The
   earlier name PCT (PCTFULL) is a synonym for PCF.
 - Assume T option (totals) if any BREAKs done in custom output.
 - Use relative rather than absolute cycle in default sort order, so files that
   wrap around 999 will have their oldest cycles listed first.
 - Add L option to DADLST/DADSUM parameters, to list $MFDDADLIST file at end.
 - Fix some DAD testing and listing formats.
 - Fix bugs with range tests (TW/TNW) for partial word items.

 Changes in MFD 10R6C

 - Add S secondary option: Force Single-File mode without requiring a filename
   in Spec1.
 - Add V secondary option: show clearance level vs. ASG count in S-opt list.
 - Add F option for custom output: Use full length for all fields (same effect
   as H but without heading).
 - Add custom output editing items \NB+, \NT+, and \NP+ to insert a "+" if a
   file has more than one backup reel, catalogued tape reel, or packid.

 Patched MFD 10R6B - 2012/01/24

 - Set correct file description bits for temp file's "fake" MFD items. This can
   affect track counts in listings for position granularity or "big" files.

 Changes in MFD 10R6B

 - Ensure packids retrieved if DRV or LDAT keyword used.
 - Include a file's MFD item LDATs with DADs, both when listing and testing.
 - Improvements in DADLST and DADSUM output.
 - Increase default maximum DRV/LDAT devices to 25.
 - Add options to DRV & LDAT keywords to select fixed/rem./tape/dropped files,
   or to display fixed drive LDATS.
 - Allow a range with LDAT parameter: LDAT.low/high
 - Allow more room for local ID in signon.
 - Show CMP/BUF/BLK info for tapes.
 - Clarify last summary header as #DSK/TP: number of disk and tape files.
 - Don't add LOCAL & SHARED to summary lines if only one directory selected.
 - Expand custom output PRINT$ width if MAXLTH > 132 as well as for D option.
 - Save full custom output headers if longer than 132 chars. in case repeated.
 - Don't shorten totals lines if L option or if terminal wide enough.

 Changes in MFD 10R6A

 - Allow I option to mean implied qualifier if used when Spec1 is not in
   qual*file. format. Ensure P, Q, and I options perform correctly when testing
   project ID, default qualifier, and/or implied qualifier, respectively.
 - Add IQUAL as item for Spec4-n to test against user's implied qualifier if
   not coded. (If a name is coded, works the same as QUAL.)
 - Add DQUAL as synonym for QUAL (default qualifier).
 - Expand PRINT$ as needed to use full demand width when the D custom output
   option is used. This is provided for demand terminals wider than 132 columns.

 Changes in MFD 10R6

 - Add configuration tag TESTEQ (default 1), meaning to default all tests for
   dates and numeric items in Spec4-n that were formerly TG, TLE, etc., to TE.
   This tag was added to avoid any confusion about which test a particular item
   defaults to when none is supplied. Any test for other than equality must now
   be explicitly coded. To revert to the former defaults, change the tag TESTEQ
   to 0 in element MFDDEF and regen MFD.
 - Add ORALL spec to make default operation OR vs. AND among all specs.
 - Handle R option reversal better when QF or APO options used.
 - Add cautionary note to DOC about using R option for Spec1 only, and coding
   more complicated tests in Spec4-n.
 - Correct MFD and DOC to clarify that without a Spec1 (and no Z option and
   MFDDEF tag TPF$SF set to 0); or with a Spec1 but without Spec4-n, MFD will
   default to Single-File Mode unless any Multi-File options are used
   (ADOPQ, IR, CY, BK, TUVG, MN, Z).
 - Show correct track counts for temporary word-addressable files.