Changes in MISCLIBS 18.2

 - Add GETPFTMSTMP$ routine as alternative to GET$$TMSTMP$; uses ER CONFIG$ to
   retrieve program file MODSWTIME$ parameter.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 18.1

 - Add GET$$TMSTMP$ routine, to determine a site's default elt timestamp format
   if it doesn't yet have ER TIMEBYINDEX$.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 17.1

 - Update SNOOPY/77R1U2: handle ER TIMEBYINDEX$; mode bit 20 will revert to
   editing multiply/divide immediate operands in octal.
 - Split SCRSIZ$ synchronized waiting activity into $(4) so that $(1) & $(2)
   could be overwritten after initialization.
 - To align output, SGNL$EDIT will edit counts with a field width of 10. An
   alternate number may be stored in SGNLNDIG.
 - Expand CALPRT year range to 1900-2444.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 16.4

 - CALPRT$: Reduce width of months from 23 to 22 characters.
 - Add HELP call for CALPRT, to show call format.
 - Update EDDEC$FD routine to allow redefinition of separator character.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 16.3

 - Add CALPRT$ routine, to print a calendar for quick reference.
 - Add CALPRT processor, to print custom calendar using CALPRT$.
 - MEMLIBS are now part of MISCLIBS rather than a separate package.
 - Element AMWNAMES (ASCII version of MWNAMES) added; was inadvertently omitted.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 16.2

 - Add DATELN$ routine: Fieldata date line for signon w/o SYSLIB.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 16.1

 - Update REGSNP 2R1; can now snap any registers in groups of 4.
 - Fix bug in EDELT$: would only edit 1 '/' if write key but no read key.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 9.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 15.2

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 7  for utilities that use it.
 - Fix bug in R$EGSNP proc that would not always generate correct flag bits.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 15.1

 - Add routines EDDEC1$/EDDEC2$, in element EDDEC$, for editing single- or
   double-word integers with optional comma separation. Also add routine
   EDDEC$FD to convert EDDEC1$/EDDEC2$ output to Fieldata.
 - Add routines SORT1/SORT2, in elements SORT1$/SORT2$, for short bubble sorts
   of 1- or 2-word records.
 - Revise MDI proc: Special call & extra instruction if either number negative.
 - Update SNOOPY/77R1U1 for new SYSLIB level.