Changes in MISCLIBS 19.1

 - Update both GETPFTMSTMP$ and GET$$TMSTMP$ routines to change the initial 'ER
   TDATE$' instruction to 'ER 0' and store the value used at execution time, to
   avoid being flagged by an ER TDATE$ scanning routine.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 18.2

 - Add GETPFTMSTMP$ routine as alternative to GET$$TMSTMP$; uses ER CONFIG$ to
   retrieve program file MODSWTIME$ parameter.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 18.1

 - Add GET$$TMSTMP$ routine, to determine a site's default elt timestamp format
   if it doesn't yet have ER TIMEBYINDEX$.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 17.1

 - Update SNOOPY/77R1U2: handle ER TIMEBYINDEX$; mode bit 20 will revert to
   editing multiply/divide immediate operands in octal.
 - Split SCRSIZ$ synchronized waiting activity into $(4) so that $(1) & $(2)
   could be overwritten after initialization.
 - To align output, SGNL$EDIT will edit counts with a field width of 10. An
   alternate number may be stored in SGNLNDIG.
 - Expand CALPRT year range to 1900-2444.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 16.4

 - CALPRT$: Reduce width of months from 23 to 22 characters.
 - Add HELP call for CALPRT, to show call format.
 - Update EDDEC$FD routine to allow redefinition of separator character.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 16.3

 - Add CALPRT$ routine, to print a calendar for quick reference.
 - Add CALPRT processor, to print custom calendar using CALPRT$.
 - MEMLIBS are now part of MISCLIBS rather than a separate package.
 - Element AMWNAMES (ASCII version of MWNAMES) added; was inadvertently omitted.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 16.2

 - Add DATELN$ routine: Fieldata date line for signon w/o SYSLIB.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 16.1

 - Update REGSNP 2R1; can now snap any registers in groups of 4.
 - Fix bug in EDELT$: would only edit 1 '/' if write key but no read key.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 9.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 15.2

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 7  for utilities that use it.
 - Fix bug in R$EGSNP proc that would not always generate correct flag bits.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 15.1

 - Add routines EDDEC1$/EDDEC2$, in element EDDEC$, for editing single- or
   double-word integers with optional comma separation. Also add routine
   EDDEC$FD to convert EDDEC1$/EDDEC2$ output to Fieldata.
 - Add routines SORT1/SORT2, in elements SORT1$/SORT2$, for short bubble sorts
   of 1- or 2-word records.
 - Revise MDI proc: Special call & extra instruction if either number negative.
 - Update SNOOPY/77R1U1 for new SYSLIB level.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 14.3

 - Add routine TM$HMSMS, to convert TIME$ word to hrs/min/secs/msecs.
 - Update REGSNP to allow 2-word snapid, up to 11 characters.
 - Update SNOOPY/76R4AU4: Show new ERs MODSWTIME$ & TIMECONFIG$; show full
   spelling of ERs longer than 7 characters. Fix bug: INC/INC2/DEC/DEC2/ENZ was
   not working for partial words.
 - Add 'ENDRD' parameter to H$ELPPG so will set FUSION's 'ERD' parameter,
   causing a final read on exit to avoid scrolling up an extra line.
 - Add the entry points WKDAYZ, WNAMEZ, and AWNAMEZ respectively to MWDATA,
   MWNAMES, and AMWNAMES, to allow indexing into weekday abbreviations and
   names from 0 (Sunday) rather than 1 (Monday).
 - CSF$DEBUG was not showing time.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 14.2

 - Remove STM$PKG from MISCLIBS; now standalone.
 - Add MDIDDI proc element, with procs for MDI (Multiply Double Integer) and
   DDI (Divide Double Integer).
 - Update CSF$DEBUG, FITEM$DEBUG, and REGSNP to include BDI of calling address.
 - Update SNOOPY/76R4AU3: LAQW and SAQW were not showing correct changes.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 14.1

 - Update STM$PKG Rev. 2 to add new routines, optional testing for dates after
   2100/02/28, and new section in DOC about date calculations.
 - Update SNOOPY/76R4AU2: allow load of R0, show LAQW/SAQW register/word change.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 13.2

 - Add STM$PKG, a date/time editing routine based on ER SYS$TIME and DWTIME$
   which does not require the EDIT$/AEDIT$ time routines. Can also edit TDATE$
   words and perform the functions of ID$.
 - Update SNOOPY/76R4AU1 to show registers A2-A3 after ER SYS$TIME.
 - Fix bug in SNOOPY/76R4AU1 to allow an index register on an ER.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 13.1

 - Fix P$AD proc bug in PROCS/MISC: generate 18-bit immediate operand correctly.
 - Fix OPWD proc bug in PROCS/MISC: T error if OPWD *'x' includes bit 5 (35).
 - Update TD$DWT$ to return SWTIME format in A2 as well as DWTIME$ in A0-A1.
 - Update DWT$TD$ with entry point SWT$TD$: convert SWTIME to TDATE$.
 - Update DWT$WKD$ with entry point SWT$WKD$: return weekday index from SWTIME.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 12.5

 - Update SYSCOMPSKEL to print a list of available BDIs at end of BDI list.
 - FITEM$DEBUG was destroying A4. All registers used should be restored.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 12.4

 - Add STM$WKD$ routine, to return TDATE$ from ER SYS$TIME words.
 - Add DWT$WKD$ routine, to return index of weekday from DWTIME$ words.
 - Add FITEM$DEBUG routine, to trace ER FITEM$ execution and display results.
 - Update OPWD proc in PROCS/MISC to generate correctly in Extended Mode.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 12.3

 - Add CW8SET routine, for managing bits 7-8 of the condition word.
 - Update SNOOPY/76R3DU4 to recognize ER SYS$TIME.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 12.2

 - Update COLREC$ routine to accommodate more than 4095 records per page.
 - Split SGNL$ into SGNL$ and SGNL$EDIT in case EDIT$ not used; update
   SGNL$EDIT to edit the complete double integer counts stored if necessary.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 12.1

 - Update AEDCOMMA$ & EDCOMMA$ routines to allow alternate separator character.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 11.5

 - Update DELFIL$ 1R3: allow a request list of specific cycles to delete.
   Add INQFIL$ entry point for query only.
 - Add BCALLBRETN$ proc to support banked routine calls & returns.
 - Upgrade (and add "$" to) FUSION packet element FUSION$PKT/H$ELPPG, intended
   for processors whose only use of FUSION is their HELP page.
 - Ensure H$ELPPG sets user's default FCC (vs. terminal's) if BAR:NUL flag.
 - Split FDA$ into odd & even LCs; translate tables w/ entry points in $(2).

 Changes in MISCLIBS 11.4

 - Add CREG$PR routine, to print an ERRPR$-like message using the 4-word
   contingency information packet returned by the RBASE$ function of ER CREG$.
 - Add SGNL$ routine, to retrieve and optionally edit instruction and cycle
   counts provided by the SGNL instruction.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 11.3

 - Add routines FDA$/AFD$ as replacements for ASCFD$/FDASC$ utilizing the
   BIMT instruction. Pre-call register loads are the same. For banked calls,
   I$BJ X11,FDA$B/AFD$B.
 - Add proc calls for FDA$/AFD$ as well as the system ASCFD$/FDASC$.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 11.2

 - Correct GETQLPJ$: return project id instead of default qualifier for GETPJ$;
   return default qualifier instead of implied qualifier for GETQL$; and
   add GETIQ$ to return implied qualifier.
 - Fix bug in CSF$DEBUG when calling routine address is stored into H1 of
   CSF$DEBUG. Correct documentation: SN1,H1 CSF$DBPRNT, not CSF$DEBUG, to have
   CSF$DEBUG do the ER CSF$ only, with no printing.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 11.1

 - Updated ERPFX$ 1R1D to fix bug if bulk data area unbased at call time.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 10.5

- Updated DELFIL$ 1R2A: A bug was causing it to zero 33 words beyond the end of
  its Dbank, clobbering any element collected immediately after it.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 10.4

 - Updated ERPFX$ 1R1C: ER PFS$ error return other than no-find could clobber
   user's elt packet. Always store size indicator bits in H2 of ERPFX$RFTIA1.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 10.3

 - Updated DELFIL$ 1R2 to indicate if any cycles deleted were removable and
   assigned to-be-deleted with the Y vs. DELFIL$ also now creates a list of a
   file's existing cycles in the DF$CYCLIST table, and updates it after the
   deletes. Updated DELFIL 1R2 processor to use and display these new features,
   including the Q option (Query) to list existing cycles without deleting.

 Changes in MISCLIBS 10.2

 - Add DELFIL$ routine for deleting files, plus auxiliary processor DELFIL.
 - Updated ERPFX$ 1R1B to use new ER interception method.
 - Upgrade CSF$DEBUG to provide for alt. print file & status display control.
 - SCRSIZ$/SCRLIN$ routines now observe stricter TS/TCS protocol.
 - Use year and sequence number for MISCLIBS level.