Changes in MORE 2R2

 - Add E toggle to use color in compile listings to highlight errors. E option
   will also toggle on in nonbreakpointed demand. (For MASM listings, must
   first encounter @MASM call when browsing listing.)

 Changes in MORE 2R1L

 - Add Bx command to change blank substitute character for FINDs. To reset: BB.
   Example: After B_, doing an F _LABEL_ is the equivalent of doing F ' LABEL '.
 - Display Blank Substitute & Column Separator characters on HELP screen.

 Changes in MORE 2R1K

 - Add Fn command (with n immediately following the F), to specify that the
   result of an F xx command is to be positioned at row n of the screen. To
   cancel, enter F0.

 Changes in MORE 2R1J

 - An F/FC if at end of file will automatically start from the top.
 - Handle Finds properly after backward movement from EOF (vs. going to top).

 Changes in MORE 2R1H

 - Add X option to prevent replacement of low-value characters (< 040) with
   space if FUSION is not on. This will allow embedding of ESC mode characters.
 - Indicate if element is deleted in reply to '?' command.
 - Use S$TMID proc instead of ID$ for signon.

 Changes in MORE 2R1G

 - Add FC command, for Find and Continue (like ED's but anywhere in image).
   Also add FX command for Find non-occurrence and continue. After doing an FC
   or FX, do a "T" to reset before doing any more Finds or browsing.
 - If Gn used for header line, line n will be considered Top line.

 Changes in MORE 2R1F

 - Can now specify decimal/octal SDF start sector address: @MORE File./address
   -- this could be useful in the case of an uncompleted element.
 - When indenting SSG (I option/toggle), trigger on " as well as * in col. 1.

 Changes in MORE 2R1E

 - Added "/" (slash) and "." (period) commands to go half a page forward or
   back. These keys were chosen for their proximity to the Enter key.
 - Expanded message when initial read of file gets I/O 05 error. When prompting
   for reply, accepts <Enter> to continue and @EOF to quit.

 Changes in MORE 2R1D

 - Since 0-length ICWs are valid blank records, changed meaning of Z option to
   treat several consecutive ones as an SDFI I/O error 05 only if it is
   toggled ON. By default it is OFF.
 - Made the number of 0-length ICWs reported by the Z option configurable in
   tag NZLICW. New default: 8.

 Changes in MORE 2R1C

 - Added FN command to find next non-occurrence of a string (vs. F).

 Changes in MORE 2R1B

 - Added K option & toggle to display SDF image control words. Kxy may be used
   to redefine the left and right setoff characters for ICWs. Default: {|
 - Improve recognition of relative elt cycles.

 Changes in MORE 2R1A

 - Use BSP$ to retrieve element from any type of program file.
 - Can specify elt by sequence number, including deleted elt: @MORE file.(seq#)
 - Added M option & toggle to flip ASCII/Fieldata Mode bit.
 - Improve recognition of MAPPER RID, including Fieldata vs. ASCII RIDs.
 - Input filename display ('?'): Show FDATA/ASCII mode from 050 label record.
 - Genned with FUSION 2R3 to recognize line widths > 132.

 Changes in MORE 2R1

 - Allow input of column selection spec list from a file or element in Spec 3.
 - Allow FCC separator (F) for both column selection & multi-column separators.
 - "G#" causes line number # to be used as a permanent header instead of the
   Column Guide, similar to MAPPER's "Display & Hold" function. "G" toggles it
   off, "G" again reverts to Column Guide, "GH" returns to line #.
 - C without column number will toggle through up to 4 previous start columns,
   allowing a quick viewing of wide records. Example: C1|C81|C161|C|C|C...
   CZ[n] will clear all toggles and reinitialize to column 1 or n.
 - W is no longer an option or a toggle for dynamic input adjustment. This
   action will always take place, and W will be ignored. The W command is still
   used to alter screen or output width, as in "W160".
 - Always show DATE & END REPORT lines in MAPPER RIDs.
 - If input width is set on the processor call, a print control function (W,xx)
   to expand the print width is sent if FUSION is not on. On exit it is reset.
 - Fix bug that could cause MORE to lose data from images beyond column 168.
 - Replace characters greater than 0400 with "?".

 Changes in MORE 1R6C

 - Fixed handling of multi-column listing when F (column separator FCC) is used
   as a column separator. It was showing one character fewer than possible.
 - Added "Q" and "1" as separator character codes for "=" and "!". Also
   allow any non-alphanumeric character for any type of separator character.

 Changes in MORE 1R6B

 - Handle SDFI I/O error 05 recovery better.
 - Treat four consecutive ICWs of 0 as an error 05.
 - Added Z option to toggle the above.
 - V option is on by default. Can toggle off by entering 'V'.
 - Input filename display ('?') will now show SDF file type.
 - Prevent reading of screen size if A option.

 Changes in MORE 1R6A

 - Improve handling of records larger than SDF maximum. Will ignore remainder
   of record rather than error off.

 Patched MORE 1R6 -- 2007/01/04

 - Input filename display ('?'): Show 'SHARED#' and PR@... name if applicable.

 Changes in MORE 1R6

 - Incorporated latest revision of SDFIBKM.
 - Improved SDF browsing; uses SDFI bookmarking routine, SDFIBKM, to enable
   jumping quickly to previously read lines.
 - Eliminated M option due to above.
 - Added A option to list short file (max=200 lines) in demand without pausing.
 - If B option or "Y" reply to breakpoint prompt, and could not read print file
   label from file, use filename from @MORE call rather than from ER FITEM$ of
   input. This will allow a chance to supply the correct @USE name for @BKRPT.
 - Added "\" as equivalent to "-" for paging back through screens.
 - Use SCRLIN$ routine to determine screen lines if N option.
 - Changed FUSIONPKT/MORE to accommodate up to 80 rows.
 - Improved response to "?" command to show complete filename.
 - Improved parsing of 'W,nn' print control image.

 Changes in MORE 1R5E

 - Add O option, to enable viewing of SDF elts/files copied to omnibus elts.
 - Avoid @BRKPT query for queued system file (PR@...).

 Patched 2006/01/22

 - Avoid erroring if SDFI 05 error due to unclosed print file.

 Changes in MORE 1R5D

 - Add V option, to enable display of high-value ASCII characters (0200-0377)
   when FUSION on. Not compatible with M option.

 Changes in MORE 1R5C

 - Change maximum input width if 'W,nn' print control image encountered.
 - Added 'F?' command, to display current Find target.
 - Regenned with FUSION 2R2K.

 Changes in MORE 1R5B

 - Added I option/command to indent SSG skeletons. Can specify indent length,
   (0-8, default 2), indent character (default B=|), and subtype if the element
   is not subtyped and a default other than SSG is wanted. Example: I2Bxyz
   May also be included in @MORE call: @MORE file.elt,//2Bxyz.
   (At present SSG is the only standard subtype indented.)
 - Regenned with FUSION 2R2J.

 Changes in MORE 1R5A

 - Added W command to change max input image length.
 - Added W option & W toggle to adjust input image length dynamically.
 - Assume W option for MAPPER RIDs; revert max-inp default to 132.
 - Fix bug that could lose characters beyond col. 80 when Q toggled on.

 Changes in MORE 1R5

 - Added G option and toggle, for displaying column guide.
 - Added H command, for displaying Help Page without leaving input.
 - Added M option, to retain entire input in memory.
 - Added ? command, to display input name.
 - Added no-find message for failed F command.
 - Added various other messages for invalid commands or parameters.

 Changes in MORE 1R4

 - Allow starting line number to be part of call line.
 - Support viewing of MAPPER RIDs.

 Changes in MORE 1R3F

 - Allow P as toggle as well as option. Change S command to enable setting new
 - column separator; column shifting now done with C+/-n.

 Changes in MORE 1R3E

 - Added B option and ability to prompt for closing an alternate print file.
 - Increased size of SDFI buffers to 32 tracks.