Changes in MSD 3R3F

 - SNP would truncate snap lines of sorted internal table.
 - Change NA status color to low cyan for better visibility.

 Changes in MSD 3R3E

 - Correct NA bit testing when accumulating totals for duplex drives.

 Changes in MSD 3R3D

 - Allow consecutive ranges in DRV or PAK lists: PAK/REM001-12.
 - Allow permanent test mode by attaching MSDAUTOTEST$ to SDF test file.
 - Ensure packids are shown for -PAK exclusions as well as inclusions.
 - DRS/SYS selectors force U option.

 Changes in MSD 3R3C

 - Show percentages in the totals lines to three decimal places.
 - Add ROLOUT Goal to Totals lines in SGS output.
 - If sorting by total tracks (TKD/S), the I option (or TKD/I) will cause the
   packid to be used as a secondary field instead of the available tracks.

 Changes in MSD 3R3B

 - Change the default percentage display to Full vs. Available for both
   individual drives and the end totals lines. These can be toggled with the
   new D and E TKD characters. The defaults can also be modified by changing
   the DRIVEFULL and TOTALFULL tags near the beginning of the source and
 - Add 7 to the possible width for percentage fields (12.345%).

 Changes in MSD 3R3A

 - Maintain totals as double word integers to allow for increasingly large
 - Make end line totals display adaptable to larger numbers. Remove EXPTOT tag.

 Changes in MSD 3R3

 - Add STDST, STDAVL, SHRST, and SHRAVL parameters, to enable changing the
   start & goal thresholds for ROLOUT & SROLUT. Requires SSCONFIGMGR privilege.
   May be set as percentages or fixed track amounts.
 - Add 'ROL' parameter, to display only fixed totals and ROLOUT thresholds.

 Changes in MSD 3R2E

 - Add CG option combination, to display each drive's assign count. Will only
   display removable drives with non-zero counts unless F, R, or Z option used.
 - Add 'SUM' (summary) and 'AVL' or 'AVAIL' (available) as synonyms for TOT.
 - Add 'SAT' and 'FUL' as equivalent to TOT/F: show percentage saturated (full).
 - Expand totals fields at end of SGS output to allow for larger numbers.
 - Fix bug: "@MSD,R TOT" would display packids.
 - Fix bug: Q option would not show all equipment codes for test displays.

 Changes in MSD 3R2D

 - Add EMPty and USEd selectors, to select only empty or in-use packs.
 - Add PCTAVLMIN, PCTAVLMAX, PCTFULMIN, and PCTFULMAX parameters to select
   drives based on minimum or maximum percent full or available tracks.
 - Correct TMIN/TMAX to use display units (8MB, 9BM,...), just as with MIN/MAX.

 Changes in MSD 3R2C

 - Add DRS & SYS selectors, to select or exclude [-DRS/-SYS] drives based on
   whether they are prepped as DRS packs, or are on the current system drive.
 - "/U" after granularity selector (POS,8MB,...) shows totals in the same units
   used for individual drives.
 - When Z reply to Monitor entered, change to 'C' to allow reversing.

 - Add 'ROL' parameter to display ROLOUT thresholds only; equivalent to TKD/R.
 Changes in MSD 3R2B

 - Add EXPTOT tag at start of source for slightly expanded totals line, able to
   accommodate 10,000,000,000 totals and 4-digit physical/logical drive counts.
   Default is 1; if set to 0 will edit such large numbers without commas.
 - Add TMIN and TMAX parameters to specify minimum/maximum total tracks.
 - Improve separator chars. between multiple items in header and drive display.
 - Add TOT parameter to display totals only (same as TKD with no parameters or
   with 'N' parameter).

 Changes in MSD 3R2A

 - Display tracks in normal intensity if only removable drives selected.
 - If sorting drives by total tracks, use available tracks as minor field.
 - Add 'W' to TKD parameter to edit track counts with commas (same as W option).
 - Add 'X' to TKD parameter to omit end summary lines from display.
 - 'EQP' and 'CHT' selectors were not working.
 - Allow monitoring if 0 drives selected, in case of possible status changes;
   provide for ending Monitor if number of drives goes down to zero.

 Changes in MSD 3R2

 - Add '8' and '9' to TKD parameter, to display track counts as 8- or 9-bit
   kilobytes. Also affects the number used for MIN and MAX parameters, SGS
   images, and end total lines. Add 'M' to show megabytes vs. kilobytes.
 - Add 'O' to TKD parameter to display track counts as positions.
 - Add keyword for each granularity or conversion: TRK,KTR,POS,8KB,9KB,8MB,9MB.
   Also add 'K' to TKD parameter, equivalent to K option & KTR.
 - Add 'F' and 'V' to TKD parameter, to show % full vs. available for individual
   drives, or % available vs full for end total lines.
 - Add 'U' to TKD parameter: show end line totals in the same units as drives.
 - The MSD header line will now include a description of which items are being
   displayed: tracks, kilotracks, positions, 8|9-bit KB|MB, totals, percent,
   status, packid.
 - Totals in SGS output will be in the same units as individual drives.
 - W with K will no longer append 'K' to kilotracks.
 - Alternate granularity or conversion displays will always round down to the
   appropriate multiple: 1000 for K, 8KB, 9KB; 1000000 for 8MB, 9MB; 64 tracks
   for POS.

 Changes in MSD 3R1A

 - Add 'S' to TKD parameters, to sort drives by total (vs. available) tracks.
   Meaningful only for MS Rev. 4. Forces 'T' TKD parameter.
 - Fix bug: If Monitor (M option) was used and a DRV or PAK list was supplied,
   MSD would revert to all drives after the first pass.

 Patched MSD 3R1 - 2008/09/12

 - End lines for new MS Rev. 4 format did not always show correct totals for
   DN/RV/NA units.

 Changes in MSD 3R1

 - Add Channel Type to data obtained for disk drives. They may be displayed by
   using the Q option along with the options for displaying LDATs: CT. They
   will always be included in SGS output following the equipment type. To
   accommodate this, the Unit Duplex Link has been moved over one subfield.
   Note that TKD is incompatible with the CT options, as the display of LDATs
   and Channel Types is separate from the normal track display.
        To generate the earlier, version 2 SGS format, code "SGS/[label]/2."
   However, only the new format will be accepted for TST. The SGS version
   (2 or 3) appears in a new subfield after the MSD level on the INFO SGS.
 - Tighten up code for obtaining LNIE information from MCT, especially
   regarding shared and Unit Duplexing. Ensure correct totals are displayed
   regardless of Unit Duplex partner display combination.
 - Improve interpretation of multiple selection parameters (DRV,stat,...).
 - Correct J/H option testing when determining UD drive display.
 - Fix bugs with Delta Monitoring display and file usage.
 - Allow combining of the various alternate print files by using the
   file continuation indicator: @MSD PRT,.SSG,.SNAP
 - Add LNIE matched pairs to SNAP.
 - Clarify that either SNAP or SNP may be used for snaps.
 - As with PRT, SNP may specify an alternate name: SNAP/snapfile
 - @ASG alternate print files (SGS, SNAP, etc.) with max of 10000.
 - Add ROLOUT threshold tracks as 3rd subfield of global totals on xxxTOT SGS.
 - Use SCRSIZ$ to obtain screen size in non-FUSION mode.
 - O option with Y no longer generates SGSs; use SGS parameter.
 - Add MSD/DOC element for complete documentation.