Changes in MSD 3R3G

 - Add ability to display pack's Sector 1 version and MBT scale factor (TKD/1).
   They will be shown as two single-digit numbers side by side.
 - Can also specify to display drives only if their Sector 1 version or their
   MBT scale factor is a certain minimum value: @MSD S1V/1 -- @MSD MBT/2
 - PCT available parameters may have 2nd & 3rd keywords in either order:
 - Ensure SNP parameter with O option prints only edited MSD output, not snaps.
 - Ensure date/time scanned correctly on TST images from different levels.

 Changes in MSD 3R3F

 - SNP would truncate snap lines of sorted internal table.
 - Change NA status color to low cyan for better visibility.

 Changes in MSD 3R3E

 - Correct NA bit testing when accumulating totals for duplex drives.

 Changes in MSD 3R3D

 - Allow consecutive ranges in DRV or PAK lists: PAK/REM001-12.
 - Allow permanent test mode by attaching MSDAUTOTEST$ to SDF test file.
 - Ensure packids are shown for -PAK exclusions as well as inclusions.
 - DRS/SYS selectors force U option.

 Changes in MSD 3R3C

 - Show percentages in the totals lines to three decimal places.
 - Add ROLOUT Goal to Totals lines in SGS output.
 - If sorting by total tracks (TKD/S), the I option (or TKD/I) will cause the
   packid to be used as a secondary field instead of the available tracks.

 Changes in MSD 3R3B

 - Change the default percentage display to Full vs. Available for both
   individual drives and the end totals lines. These can be toggled with the
   new D and E TKD characters. The defaults can also be modified by changing
   the DRIVEFULL and TOTALFULL tags near the beginning of the source and
 - Add 7 to the possible width for percentage fields (12.345%).

 Changes in MSD 3R3A

 - Maintain totals as double word integers to allow for increasingly large
 - Make end line totals display adaptable to larger numbers. Remove EXPTOT tag.

 Changes in MSD 3R3

 - Add STDST, STDAVL, SHRST, and SHRAVL parameters, to enable changing the
   start & goal thresholds for ROLOUT & SROLUT. Requires SSCONFIGMGR privilege.
   May be set as percentages or fixed track amounts.
 - Add 'ROL' parameter, to display only fixed totals and ROLOUT thresholds.

 Changes in MSD 3R2E

 - Add CG option combination, to display each drive's assign count. Will only
   display removable drives with non-zero counts unless F, R, or Z option used.
 - Add 'SUM' (summary) and 'AVL' or 'AVAIL' (available) as synonyms for TOT.
 - Add 'SAT' and 'FUL' as equivalent to TOT/F: show percentage saturated (full).
 - Expand totals fields at end of SGS output to allow for larger numbers.
 - Fix bug: "@MSD,R TOT" would display packids.
 - Fix bug: Q option would not show all equipment codes for test displays.

 Changes in MSD 3R2D

 - Add EMPty and USEd selectors, to select only empty or in-use packs.
 - Add PCTAVLMIN, PCTAVLMAX, PCTFULMIN, and PCTFULMAX parameters to select
   drives based on minimum or maximum percent full or available tracks.
 - Correct TMIN/TMAX to use display units (8MB, 9BM,...), just as with MIN/MAX.

 Changes in MSD 3R2C

 - Add DRS & SYS selectors, to select or exclude [-DRS/-SYS] drives based on
   whether they are prepped as DRS packs, or are on the current system drive.
 - "/U" after granularity selector (POS,8MB,...) shows totals in the same units
   used for individual drives.
 - When Z reply to Monitor entered, change to 'C' to allow reversing.

 - Add 'ROL' parameter to display ROLOUT thresholds only; equivalent to TKD/R.
 Changes in MSD 3R2B

 - Add EXPTOT tag at start of source for slightly expanded totals line, able to
   accommodate 10,000,000,000 totals and 4-digit physical/logical drive counts.
   Default is 1; if set to 0 will edit such large numbers without commas.
 - Add TMIN and TMAX parameters to specify minimum/maximum total tracks.
 - Improve separator chars. between multiple items in header and drive display.
 - Add TOT parameter to display totals only (same as TKD with no parameters or
   with 'N' parameter).

 Changes in MSD 3R2A

 - Display tracks in normal intensity if only removable drives selected.
 - If sorting drives by total tracks, use available tracks as minor field.
 - Add 'W' to TKD parameter to edit track counts with commas (same as W option).
 - Add 'X' to TKD parameter to omit end summary lines from display.
 - 'EQP' and 'CHT' selectors were not working.
 - Allow monitoring if 0 drives selected, in case of possible status changes;
   provide for ending Monitor if number of drives goes down to zero.

 Changes in MSD 3R2

 - Add '8' and '9' to TKD parameter, to display track counts as 8- or 9-bit
   kilobytes. Also affects the number used for MIN and MAX parameters, SGS
   images, and end total lines. Add 'M' to show megabytes vs. kilobytes.
 - Add 'O' to TKD parameter to display track counts as positions.
 - Add keyword for each granularity or conversion: TRK,KTR,POS,8KB,9KB,8MB,9MB.
   Also add 'K' to TKD parameter, equivalent to K option & KTR.
 - Add 'F' and 'V' to TKD parameter, to show % full vs. available for individual
   drives, or % available vs full for end total lines.
 - Add 'U' to TKD parameter: show end line totals in the same units as drives.
 - The MSD header line will now include a description of which items are being
   displayed: tracks, kilotracks, positions, 8|9-bit KB|MB, totals, percent,
   status, packid.
 - Totals in SGS output will be in the same units as individual drives.
 - W with K will no longer append 'K' to kilotracks.
 - Alternate granularity or conversion displays will always round down to the
   appropriate multiple: 1000 for K, 8KB, 9KB; 1000000 for 8MB, 9MB; 64 tracks
   for POS.