Changes in PATH 1R5D

 - Update program file entry for timestamp when path absolute updated.

 Changes in PATH 1R5C

 - PATH could get error on systems with REJCONFLTOPT EXEC tag set.

 Changes in PATH 1R5B

 - Add V option, to allow user-coded specs to fill void fields before first
   pre-coded spec, when used with P option.
 - Add V option to GENSKEL to retain void fields ('--') as they are.
 - Ensure complete processor call displayed for paths with void fields.

 Changes in PATH 1R5A

 - Add T option, to sort paths by type, then name.
 - Ensure ADD paths are listed in the same format as others ([ADD]-> @ADD...).

 Changes in PATH 1R5

 - Changes in internal structure. Previous absolute paths will not be able to
   be updated with this level and should be recreated with this one. The
   absolute PATH1R4 is included to enable displaying such old paths to provide
   the information for replacing them.
 - Provide for alternate @ADD file if a path must call another path.
 - Provide for generating an unformatted processor call.
 - Add E option to separate unformatted call specs with spaces.
 - Add L option to have PATH print generated ECL before submitting (vs. @ADD,L).
 - Switch to STM$PKG for signon.
 - Bug: PATH was not attaching to the full QUAL*FILE of an absolute path.
 - Add OMLISTSKEL and OMLIST processor for listing MSD omnibus variables.
 - FSORTSKEL updated to add O option to have SORT list output file (@SORT,L).

 Patched PATH 1R4H - 2012/02/01

 - For @PATH,R replace original options only if user coded at least one.
   Before, calling such a path with no options would cancel the pre-stored ones.

 Changes in PATH 1R4H

 - Ensure a processor call PATH duplicates an elt cycle field that occurs
   immediately after the processor call, as in @TSTPRG(3),opts FILE.

 Changes in PATH 1R4G

 - Add B option, to sort path names in reverse order of being defined or
   reverse name order (with S option) when displaying all paths.

 Changes in PATH 1R4F

 - Allow I/J/R option processing for SSG paths.
 - Ignore certain options based on path type  e.g., P for XQT.

 Patched PATH 1R4E - 2006/02/14

 - Ensured that @ADD,L option of Q-option path carried over to QECL$ packet.

 Changes in PATH 1R4E

 - Add ability to include hard-coded processor call fields in PROC type path.
   Also add P option, which allows user to add his own processor call fields
   after the hard-coded ones when calling such a path,

 Changes as of 2004/10/25

 - Updated to include three utility SSG skeletons: BDISKEL, FSORTSKEL, and