Changes in PIPE$ 1R2A

 - The method of ER interception for the three library routines that use it --
   FUSION, PIPE$, and ERPFX$ -- has been reorganized to facilitate using more
   than one of them in a single program.
 - As a result of the above, programs that use both PIPE$ and FUSION may use
   the same PIPE$ relocatable used by non-FUSION programs. The alternate
   relocatable PIPE$F is no longer needed and has been eliminated. The $INCLUDE
   of PIPE$DEF must still come after that of FUSION$DEF.

 Changes in PIPE$ 1R2

 - Add EQUF definitions of the cells in PIPE$FLAGS to PIPE$DEF. (Programs which
   refer to these flags as PIPE$FLAGS,,Sx will work but should be upgraded.)
 - Add PIPE$NSTW flag to prevent expanding standard print width if pipe file
   width expanded and output also goes to standard print.
 - Add PIPE$EMSG flag to enable forcing end message when pipe file closed.
 - Add @MYPROG(+) call, to close a pipe file that might have been left open
   when a program aborted or was killed.
 - PIPE$ was not incrementing the sequence number of temporary filenames of
   less than 10 characters.

 Changes in PIPE$ 1R1B

 - In case of previous error, force initial @BRKPT and @FREE of internal name
   $PIPE$FILE$ if new PIPE$ file is to be catalogued and is not being reused.
 - Add option to set max width of PIPE$ file to 2047 words.
 - Add tracing capability for PIPE$'s internal CSF$s.

 Changes in PIPE$ 1R1A

 - Added routine PIPECLOSE$, to close program-initiated pipe file.
 - Added external tag PIPE$FITEMPK for the pipe file's FITEM$ packet.