Changes in PKTGEN$ 1R8

 - Conditional generation of packet items using '$IF'/'$ELSE'/'$ELSF'/'$ENDF'.

 Patched PKTGEN$ 1R7D - 2008/12/18

 - PKTGEN$ was incorrectly generating table words if R option but no T option.

 Changes in PKTGEN$ 1R7D

 - Always show P$KTGEN call label, if any, in packet drawing & generated table.
 - Correct QUICKGEN runstream to have correct level.

 Changes in PKTGEN$ 1R7C

 - Add check for space in packet item name.
 - Shorten and improve some error messages.

 Changes in PKTGEN$ 1R7B

 - Allow 36-bit length to be used for single word.
 - Add E option, to eliminate extra spaces between columns of EQUF listing.
 - Remove unnecessary restriction on generating table without label, R, or $.

 Changes in PKTGEN$ 1R7A

 - Expanded C option capability by generating variable definitions for packet
   items that are a whole word or longer, and a variable definition for the
   entire packet ($packetname).

 Changes in PKTGEN$ 1R7

 - Added C option, to generate CPMD variable definitions that enable dumping
   individual packet items.
 - Added ability to decrement packet word counter for more flexible packet word
   overlay definition.