@PRIV,H PRIV 2R2 [MCCTST] -- 2019-12-27, FRI. 1456:47 PRIV 2R2 - Set/Clear Privileged Bit | List User Privileges Call: @PRIV[,options] [/readky/writky.][userid] Options: S - Set privileged bit using ER MODPS$. See also D. C - Clear privileged bit using ER MODPS$. If used with D, @FREE SYS$*DLOC$. No L - If no userid, list caller's privileged state & clearance info. If userid, list userid's privileges & interfaces. L - If no userid, list caller's priv. state, info, privileges, & interfaces. If userid: caller's priv. state & info + userid's privileges&interfaces. A - List all available privileges and flag user's with "*". U - Dump STAB$/SPRNT$ packets & user's security buffer if privileges listed; buffer words numbered from 0 and as offset to userid record (0274). D - Set privileged mode by @ASG,A SYS$*DLOC$. Necessary on a system with Fundamental Security if the caller is not the security officer. Keys must either be supplied or have been prestored using the W option. If used with C, @FREE SYS$*DLOC$. W - Write the supplied DLOC$ keys to this copy of the PRIV absolute. D option assumed. The @ASG of DLOC$ must have been successful. B - If used with W, write blank DLOC$ keys. F - @FREE,R the PRIV execution file. (Ignored for temp file.)