Changes in SDFCOMP 2R9D*

 - Check for LEPF when trying to write to program file as data file.
 - Preset timestamp for output to elt in case site doesn't have ER TIMEBYINDEX$;
   use GETPFTMSTMP$ routine to retrieve ER PFI$ default timestamp format.
 - Collect release version of SDFCOMP & SDFEXP with SYSLIB 77R1 version of BSP$.
 - BSP$ interface level 3 not needed; exclude TIMESUBR$ & entry points from MAP.
 * [Code not changed; updated to replace GET$$TMSTMP$ routine.]

 Changes in SDFCOMP 2R9C

 - Ensure string length banks are expanded and used to their maximum capacity.
 - Report overflow of an individual string length bank before terminating.
 - Add ability to show current highest string length bank in @@X C display by
   putting "+" in front of Dspint 3rd field parameter.

 Changes in SDFCOMP 2R9B

 - When doing an @FTPACK,C in conjunction with FTPACK 3R3A or later, any
   elements rejected for compression will be copied over to the intermediate
   file as is, just as non-symbolic elements are. This done by @ADDing a
   runstream generated into temporary file FTPACK$C-REJ.
 - The automatic @ADDing of FTPACK$C-REJ may be suppressed by the X type
   selector letter in the version field of the input file. Example:
        @SDFCOMP <file>./UCSX,...
 - An element rejected for bulk compression for having an image longer than the
   maximum length (252 characters) will no longer cause SDFCOMP to quit.
 - Add Q type selector letter to convert any print file elements to ASCII
   elements when bulk-compressing.
 - Fix bug: When generating a compressed element on a system with MODSWTIME
   turned on (of which there are none yet), SDFCOMP would generate the
   never-adopted format of a reversed MODSWTIME.
 - When bulk-compressing using SORTOC scratch file, read its TOC with multiple
   ACWs in case more than 65535 words.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 9.

 Changes in SDFCOMP 2R9A

 - The rare instance of strings that happened to begin with three NUL
   characters was not being handled correctly.
 - Improve H-option listing of strings that contain control characters.

 Changes in SDFCOMP 2R9

 - Expand maximum strings to over 250,000 by using multiple string banks and
   Extended Mode.
 - SDFCOMP level 2R9 can decompress items compressed by earlier levels, but
   earlier levels cannot decompress items compressed by 2R9 or higher.
 - Add ability to force @@X C display at intervals of 1-60 seconds.

 Changes in SDFCOMP 2R8B

 - Switch to STM$PKG Rev. 7 for signon and date/time operations.
 - Upgrade to SYSLIB 77R1 for SDFI, SDFO, and PREPRM.

 Changes in SDFCOMP 2R8A

 - Recover from string overflow when bulk-compressing from SORTOC$PRT-T scratch
   file (@SDFCOMP,G file./R) was not working.
 - Follow F option character frequency listing with list of individual high
   values (0200-0777) that may have occurred.

 Changes in SDFCOMP 2R8

 - Full support for LPF/LEPF using ERPFX$.
 - Now accepts all characters from 0 through 0777.
 - C/F/H-option listings improved when editing characters < 040 or > 0177.
 - Fixed bug that could get IGDM when bulk-compressing from SORTOC scratch file.
 - Ensure print files compressed to elts are restored in ASCII unless P option.

 Patched SDFCOMP 2R7 - 2006/08/16

 - Fixed bug related to rare no-find error with tab processing.

 Patched SDFCOMP 2R7 - 2005/05/09

 - Fixed bug when copying an uncompressed element because of the U option.

 Changes in SDFCOMP 2R7

 - Reorganized code and banking, allowing for 83000+ strings.
 - Eliminated coded input memory banks for string compression, using instead
   a scratch file which is @FREEd on termination.
 - Reduced size of SRCEXP absolute.
 - Allow SRCEXP to decompress an omnibus $CMP-SOURCE$, via @XQT,O.
 - Allow up to 36 $CMP-SOURCE$ continuation elements. SRCEXP will now delete
   these as well on completion.
 - Added Y bulk compression option to scan each element based on subtype.

 Changes in SDFCOMP 2R6G

 - Increased number of intermediate coded string mode banks to 100, and
   changed them so they are created dynamically.
 - Used MBJ$ procs to create separate library bank for more string space.
 - Reorganized MAP of SDFCOMP to accommodate more strings and a larger SDFI
   dictionary. SDFCOMP can now expand the same compressed inputs as SDFEXP.
   SDFEXP is being retained for compatibility and to have a smaller
   program for when only expanding is needed.
 - Added reject message when trying to bulk-compress an element whose SDFI
   dictionary is too big for SDFCOMP.