Changes in SORTOC 5R3B

 - Upgrade to FUSION 4R2A & use new 'FCR' parameter to avoid clashing
   backgrounds in case terminal's default background is different from
 - Add 'Q' (Quit) as possible reply to entry point/proc listing pause message.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R3A

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 7: Recognize MODSWTIME as replacement for reverse
   TDATE$ in program files.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R3

 - Show line of proc names in high intensity instead of low if there are both
   deleted & undeleted items.
 - Add ability to launch timed, non-FUSION display of file with pauses between
   screens, using NF selector.
 - Put FUSION buffer in separate bank to allow more element & table space.
 - Eliminate some date subroutines and manage all timestamps with STM$PKG.
 - Add support for the modified SWTIME date format introduced in CP 15.0.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Changes in UNDELETE 5R3

 - Use terminal's row count for display instead of default 24.
 - Show total elt count before listing elements.
 - Fix bug: @UNDELETE with timestamp or sequence # was not working.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2L

 - Add V JOPT option to save input skeleton cards to temp file SORTOC$JSKEL.
 - Use STM$PKG for date, time, and signon editing.
 - Do not try to pause if breakpointed, batch, or @ADDed.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2K

 - Add "@=!" to special skeleton card characters to denote that this image will
   be generated only if the current file's file id is that of the last file in
   a multi-file call.
 - Show object module entry point types (C,D,K...) in lower case if unprepped.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Changes in UNDELETE 5R2K

 - If an object module is undeleted, zero the object module entry point table
   information words in the table of contents. Only unprepped entry points will
   be available until the next time the file is @PREPped.
 - When a relocatable element is undeleted, do not zero the sector address if
   the file is an LPF.

 Patched SORTOC 5R2J - 2010/11/03

 - SORTOC was incorrectly sorting undeleted elts before deleted elts with the
   same element and version name. It could also mis-sort version names longer
   than 6 characters.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2J

 - Correct logic in F selector 'N' processing; not all elts that should have
   been were being eliminated.
 - Add 'L' to F selector string to denote element and version name together.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2I

 - Add 'N' to F selector string characters, to denote that elements being
   selected must not match on all of the fields represented by the characters
   following the N; i.e., the first match fails.
 - Fix bugs creating SORTOC$PRT-T scratch file: ensure constant flag bit set
   for absolutes; set next available address if scratch file is LPF; calculate
   sector address after elt table correctly using elt count.
 - 'PF' specified as output PF type was being ignored.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2H

 - Include PLUS procedure elements (PSP) when executing PR and P/nnn selectors.
 - Restrict file equipment check to sector disk (036).
 - Non-standard program file indicators are LPF (*LPF), LEPF (*LEPF*), and
   LPLE (Large *LEPF*).

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2G

 - Add B and Z JOPT options to set T3 of condition word based on generated ECL.
 - Add OSQ selector for Multi-File mode to display each element's original
   sequence number in its original file.
 - Add @^ to J-option character substitution for OSQ on generated images.
 - Allow comparison mnemonics on F selectors for final date/time comparisons.
 - Use 1 less column for elt size in Multi-File mode to fit large relocatables.
 - Some internal reorganizing and compacting.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2F

 - Improve messages about missing relocatable and/or object module entry points
   in each file when EP|EPR|EPOM selectors used or R/xxx|OM/xxx searchj done.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2E

 - Correct the way the FTI is written to the SORTOC$PRT-T scratch file if it is
   flagged as an LPF. Otherwise, an '@SDFCOMP file./$' could get an error.
 - Fix bug that could incorrectly assume R response to demand pause prompt.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2D

 - Correct the way SORTOC pages back in a listing (was going back 2 pages).
 - Accept '\' as well as '-' to page back.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2C

 - Gen with FUSION 2R3 to use larger widths for entry point lists if available.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2B

 - Improve screen line management when listing entry point and procedure names.
 - Correct line management during listings when FUSION is off or when there is
   an insert point different from the default.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Changes in UNDELETE 5R2B

 - If there are many deleted copies of an element, handle multi-screen displays
   better, with prompt lines and headings.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2A

 - Fix bug with EP selector that would sometimes not list all of a relocatable
   element's entry points.
 - Modify code related to "N ECL" prompt reply so that SORTOC$PRT-T scratch
   file is not written out. This can save time with large TOCs.
 - Fix "N ECL" prompt reply code to handle 5-digit sequence numbers correctly
   in all cases.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R2

 - Reorganized internal format and banking of element and other table entries,
   allowing for more than 27,500 elts and thus able to accommodate a fully
   populated LPF.
 - Distinguish between deleted and undeleted entries when listing procedure

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Changes in UNDELETE 5R2

 - The enhancements to SORTOC enable UNDELETE to work with any size
   program file, LPF, or LEPF.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R1B

 - Fixed incorrect display of @SORTOC,HELP.
 - Show elt cycles greater than the usual max.
 - Move change history prior to 5R1 to SORTOC/HISTORY.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R1A

 - Added check for maximum data area when acquiring O.M. E.P. info.

 Changes in SORTOC 5R1

 - EP now lists object module entry points as well as relocatable.
 - EPR and EPOM will list only rel. or O.M. entry points, respectively.
 - PRA, PRC, and PRF will list only Assembler, COBOL, or FORTRAN procedures.
 - NTBL selector will avoid reading procedure or entry point tables for very
   large files, allowing listing up to about 25200 elements.
 - Changed default color of deleted elements to low intensity white; added new
   selectors for choosing deleted color: XBL, XLC, XNI.