Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 11

 - Fix bug with S$TMED/S$TMAED proc call that includes TDATE$ type with A1
   already loaded, as in S$TMED,'S',*0 'N M Y'. Could cause IGDM.

 Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 10

 - Clarify that the default release of STM$PKG supports timestamps in the range
   of 1900-01-01 through 2100-02-28.
 - The default configuration has proven adequate for most day-to-day uses,
   including utilities such as ZIP and TOCED. With the onset and increasing use
   of the MODSWTIME$ timestamp in program files, MFDs, and other structures,
   additional coding will be required to deal with dates beyond 2100-02-28. The
   YR2100 configuration parameter has been available for the last few releases
   to provide for this.
 - Fix bug: Dates before 1901-01-01 were not being handled correctly even when
   the YR2100 parameter was on.

 Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 9

 - Add test to skip unnecessary code when YR2100 parameter is on.
 - S$TMID proc was generating incorrect ISO format (I option).

 Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 8

 - Eliminate configuration parameter RMODSW; standard MODSWTIME will be used in
   program files.
 - Add ability to generate multiple configurations.
 - Fix bug: If SEAOFF parameter 0, did not always load A0 with 0 before ER
 - Fix bug: SWT$DSEC got error in either type of reentrant mode.

 Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 7

 - Change configuration parameter RMODSW to default to 0, based on the decision
   to replace TDATE$ with a standard MODSWTIME in program files. Eventually
   this parameter will simply be removed.

 Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 6

 - Split SWT$MSW routine into two, SWT$MSW and DSEC$MSW. Add alternate entry
   points for each (SWT$MSWNS & DSEC$MSWNS) to convert using only the time zone
   offset and not the seasonal offset.

 Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 5

 - Routines for converting or editing a standard or reverse TDATE$ word will
   recognize if bit 0 of the word is set, indicating a MODSWTIME word -- after
   shifting, in the case of a reverse TDATE$ -- and convert it accordingly.
 - Add support for UCT (vs. local) SWTIME words, including the modified SWTIME
   format introduced in CP 15.0.
 - Add SWTU$DSEC entry point for converting UCT SWTIME to (days,seconds) word.
 - Add routine STM$YMDSW[T] to replace STM$MDYSW[T], though the latter is still
   supported. The new routine has a word format matching word 5 of the packet.
 - Add MSW$PKT call to do ER MODSWTIME$ instead of ER DWTIME$ or ER SYS$TIME.
 - Add SWT$MSW routine to convert local SWTIME word to MODSWTIME format.
 - Add STM$SWT$TD$ to generate TDATE$ timestamp from current packet.
 - All DSEC routines will now also return packet words 5-6 in A2-A3.
 - Add M option to S$TMID proc to show milliseconds with time of execution.
   Add T option: test wd 2 of packet; if >0 call SYS$TIME, else call DWTIME$.
   Add W option: If C, retrieve creation time from DWTIME$ vs. D$ATE/T$IME.
   Add V option: If C and not W, use newer TDATE$ conversion call vs. STM$TD$CV.
 - Assign labels STM$MDYSWT and STM$TD$SWY to entry points previously referred
   to as STM$MDYSW+1 and STM$TD$SW+1, though the latter are still valid.
 - Revised CONFIG SGS as multiple SGSs, one for each parameter. Added RMODSW,
   SEAOFF, and IDWOPT parameters. If RMODSW parameter is 1, will assume that
   reverse TDATE$ is used in program files. If SEAOFF parameter is 0, will use
   ER TIMECONFIG$ to retrieve local seasonal offset when converting UTC times.
 - Gen runstream will now only generate non-reentrant version by default. Will
   also gen STM$PACKET$ as 10 or 12 words based on YR2988 CONFIG parameter.
 - If an intermediate double word SWTIME is generated, it will now only be
   stored if the YR2988 CONFIG parameter is 1, and it will be stored in the
   extra words 10-11 of the packet (SWT2WD).

 Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 4

 - Add new routine, STM$DT$SW, to convert DATE$ words into STM$PKG format.
 - Add new routine, TM$HMSMS, to convert a time-of-day or elapsed time in
   milliseconds to store in a word with same format as STM$PKG packet word 6.
 - Several routines that convert to STM$PKG format will now also return the
   Julian day (1-366) in A1. No increase in code was needed for this.
 - Add new SGS CONFIG to generation runstream, plus new DOC section describing
   generation and configuration methods.

 Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 3

 - Add new reentrant mode for predefined packet register.
 - Add new routine DSEC$SWT: convert (days,seconds) word to STM$PKG format.
 - STM$PKG is now standalone and no longer in MISCLIBS.

 Changes in STM$PKG Rev. 2

 - Add new routines for converting TDATE$ words or returning (days,seconds).
 - Add optional testing for leap years after 2100 and dates beyond 2988.
 - Add new section in DOC discussing date calculations.