TIMING 2R1A -- Utility to list SUP timings between executions
CALL: @TIMING[,OPTIONS]  [PRT/<PRTFL>,LAB/UsrLab] . (UsrLab replaces "CLOCK".)
Options:  {A,B,C,N are PRTFL options}  {@XQT,X[opts] File.TIMING avoids INFOR$}
 A - Prt to screen also; B - Initialize PRTFL at start; C - Close PRTFL at end.
 D - Print separator of dashes after last time line.
 I - Reinitialize TIMING to change J/R opt status. N - No PRTFL/BRKPT indicator
 J - Adjust SUP offsets so TIMING's own SUPs are not included on update lines.
     Transmit 3 or 4 @TIMING,J calls until update lines are 0.
 L - Print S-option items plus CBSUPS, ERCC, and VDT. Assumed in batch.
     [ CBSUPS=Memory usage; ERCC=ERs & ECL; VDT=Voluntary Delay Time. ]
 R - Clock = time since (R)un start vs. (W)all clock [default]. Use at init.
 S - Print only 4 items: CLOCK, CPU, I/O, total SUPs. Assumed in demand.
 T - Print totals line; i.e., SUPs accumulated since run start (or zero time).
 U - Print update line; i.e., SUPs accumulated since last @TIMING call.
     TU assumed if neither T,U,V.      Update line shown as CPU+00:01:23.456
                                       Totals line shown as CPU=00:45:37.890
 V - Print actual current SUP values (may differ if J),  as CPU*00:47:05.912
 Z - Start SUP totals at zero as of this call; include wall clock if W.
Usage (after initial    @XQT FILE.PROG1 . Execute 1st program
       call)            @TIMING         . Show its timing
                        @XQT FILE.PROGX . Execute 2nd program for comparison
                        @TIMING         . Show its timing