Changes in TITLE 4R3

 - Add DOPISO EQU tag: enable setting default for D option to either ISO format
   (yyyy-mm-dd) or dd mmm yyy. Also affects date/time combination options.
 - Add A version construction character, to insert date in ISO format.
 - Add B version construction character, to insert date in DD MMM YY format.
 - Add D option to O version construction character to insert default qualifier.
 - Correct last version construction examples in DOC (used old Z & A vs. F & U).

 Changes in TITLE 4R2A

 - Fix internal version construction parameters to use F instead of Z. The year
   was not being shown correctly in some dates, including for the D option.

 Changes in TITLE 4R2

 - Add version construction character Z for time zone. To accommodate this,
   the characters Z and A, used to insert the following character based on
   whether the Z option was set or not set, have been changed to F and U.
 - Z and A (now F and U) were not working for cc values (vs. single letters).
 - Version construction sequence OA used wrong words for account.

 Changes in TITLE 4R1A

 - Allow replacement date (YYMMDD) year to range from 64 (1964) to 63 (2063).

 Changes in TITLE 4R1

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG for date/time calculations.
 - If alternate date supplied, must always be in format YYMMDD.
 - Fix bug: insertions involving slash ('/') were getting error.

 Changes in TITLE 3R

 - Corrected K option to use actual project id rather than default qualifier.
 - Clarified in DOC that Q option uses most recent implied qualifier.

 Changes in TITLE 3Q

 - Added ability to specify TITLE construction character other than default '$':
   @TITLE //k.LN1,... If k is apostrophe, each character is built from itself.
 - Added ability to redefine default TITLE construction character (BUILDCHAR).

 Changes in TITLE 3P

 - Add G to version line constructor, for 1-digit hour if less than 10.

 Changes in TITLE 3N

 - Alternate date, time, and/or date offset may be included in TITLE call.
   Anything in 1st field qualifier will suppress banner pages and just print
   TITLE lines.
 - Added SWD and SWDT date/time insertion option combinations.
 - Added version field line construction, which allows greater flexibility in
   option and date/time item insertion.
 - Added O option.
 - Use of FUSION for HELP page.

 Changes in TITLE 3M

 - TITLE changed to retrieve current PRINT$ page size and density to determine
   default number of TITLE lines per page. I or G insertion option performed
   before all others; A & U reversed. Added @TITLE,HELP page.
 - Former SDT insertion option combination changed to JDT; SDT now assigned
   to insert 'MMDD-HH:MM'. Certain date/time insertion lines made longer
   if Z option set, by adding year or seconds. Periods in heading replaced by
   commas instead of colons.

 Changes in TITLE 3L

 - TITLE line parameters converted to ASCII if used in headers or COM$ msgs.
   This allows printing of underscore in headers and display of "@" by COM$.
 - Change when using special character substitution for 077 -- will print as
   underscore unless version name followed by "/1" to force a solid block.
 - Conversion of periods to colons in headers to avoid APRTCN$ syntax error.