Changes in TOCED 13R3J  [13R3I skipped to avoid confusion]

 - Expanded QLONG mode to include MFD items. Now called Quick-look mode, it
   will show an extra information line for Queue or MFD items. In Queue mode it
   will work just as before; in MFD mode it will display a second line showing
   tracks, CAT. date, REF. date & time, clearance level, owner, and ASG status
   if any. Ignored in MFD mode for V command or if LONG mode on.
 - Added L option to PRINT and LOCATE/FIND command families. Will act as
   temporary Quick-look (QL) mode for QUE and MFD items for this command only.
 - WAIT interval display will default to minutes unless S option or PAUSE used.
 - WAIT! interval display previously ignored; must be entered as NUM1 (WAIT! n).

 Changes in TOCED 13R3H

 - A LOOP could lose its place when progressing through a TOC if SELECT active.
 - A SECDMP of a file in MFD mode could get an error.

 Changes in TOCED 13R3G

 - Use maximum device table size (4096) for MFDSP$ initialization in MFD mode
   in case system has more than 1000 devices.
 - LC,X could incorrectly show @MASM,W correction lines as errors.

 Changes in TOCED 13R3F

 - Line up 'LAST REF:' phrase correctly in V and LONG mode response.
 - Make SELECT syntax checking more tolerant after an operator.
 - S$TMID proc W option (use DWTIME1|2$ for abs date) determined at gen time.
 - Reduce program size: exclude SORT/MERGE tape module by using R$FILE 'NOTAPE'.

 Changes in TOCED 13R3E

 - In certain cases an @EOF or EXIT could cause a hang or error if FUSION had
   been turned off and then back on.
 - An SD command with no arguments could get an error if it was the first time.

 Changes in TOCED 13R3D

 - Ensure SPLIT!,C honors the current print limits.
 - FNDLIN, SITE, and SPLIT need separate areas to save current print limits.
 - L? and F? would display the wrong last command if done right after a mode
   switch. (A subsequent L or F command would still function correctly.)
 - Allow ^|! ECL commands if on deleted elt in TOC mode provided no elt inserts.

 Changes in TOCED 13R3C

 - Preset timestamp if SPLIT to elt in case site doesn't have ER TIMEBYINDEX$.
 - Collect release version of TOCED with SYSLIB 77R1 version of BSP$.
 - BSP$ interface level 3 not needed; exclude TIMESUBR$ & entry points from MAP.
 - Show total assignments of catalogued tape files if V or ON LONG in MFD mode.

 Changes in TOCED 13R3B

 - Prevent max columns PRTCN$ error in non-Attachmate emulators.
 - Ensure the STM command accepts 0777777777777, the highest MODSWTIME$ value,
   as an element timestamp instead of changing it to 0.
 - Ensure GF/GB honors SELECT mode when advancing through TOC elts.
 - Verify read access for user-@SYMmed files entered from QUEUE mode.
 - JF command incorrectly rejected within LOOP.
 - Prevent error when printing error msg for "L,M" in ELT mode (not allowed).

 Changes in TOCED 13R3A

 - Improve date correction for CHANGE command; ignore invalid entries instead
   of changing them to a default value. Requirement that Y be ON to change
   year beyond 2027 removed.
 - Add STM command, to set an element's timestamp to an explicit octal value.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10 to handle all timestamps in MODSWTIME$ range.
 - Clarify TOUCH, TDATE, and MSWTIM commands: TOUCH always updates timestamp
   with optional conversion; TDATA and MSWTIM convert only. For MODSWTIME$
   format, TOUCH includes seasonal offset, MSWTIM does not.
 - Attempt retrieval of PROGRAM_FILES_MODIFIED_SWTIME configuration parameter
   separately; if it is undefined, will not be able to retrieve MAX_TIP_FILES
   or SENTRY_CONTROL parameters.

 Changes in TOCED 13R3

 - Add X option to LC, to locate and highlight diagnostic lines in listings.
   Can list errors only (LC,X), errors & warnings (LC,XW), or the preceding
   plus informational or remark lines (LC,XI).
 - Upgrade to FUSION 4R2A & use new 'FCR' parameter to avoid clashing
   backgrounds in case terminal's default background is different from
 - Allow wild card mode (LC,W) for ELT and SDF modes.
 - Improve wild card searching (LC,W) for OEP mode.
 - Add EF and EB commands, a stricter form of the GF and GB commands, to
   advance forward or backward through symbolic elements only.
 - Ensure FCF and FCB commands skip over deleted cycles.
 - Ensure TOCED can print 132-character images in breakpointed or batch mode.
 - Print GEN,L images in ASCII in case there are underscores.
 - To minimize incompatibility errors, the TOCED work file will be @FREEd and
   reinitialized if it was not created by the identical release. This only
   applies to level 13R3 or higher; if calling older levels, you should still
   @FREE it manually.
 - Add timestamp, userid, and file/elt/mode name to end of SITE print file; and
   align with message, if any.
 - If deleting file asgd to others in MFD mode, indicate delay instead of PCFP
   error 51.
 - Add gen tag HSTXQT to TOCED$. If set, will initialize history data every
   execution vs. the default of every session.
 - Improve code to handle history data wraparound.
 - Speed improvements for LOCATE, and when listing in SELECT mode.
 - Assume default format 'D' if not coded for SELECT range operators (==, ><).
 - Improve string comparison in SELECT mode (>, >=, <, <=).
 - When writing SELECT criteria to file (SEL?/F), convert embedded single
   apostrophes back to double apostrophes so they will load back in properly.
   Also, SEL?/F will no longer list the SELECT criteria on the terminal when
   writing them to a file.
 - Add section on TOCED Auxiliary Files to DOC.

 Changes in TOCED 13R2

 - Add HILITE ON/OFF mode to display compile listing error messages in color
   based on severity: cyan (informational), yellow (warning), or red (error).
   For MASM listings must first encounter @MASM call when browsing listing.
 - Fix bug: IGDM when paging or locating in TREG mode.
 - Add 'NOT IN RANGE' to possible TREG error messages.
 - TREG mode changed to use version 1 of the FCREG$ packet.
 - MFD checkpoint prompt: add weekday; show date in ISO format; shorten so
   prompt for SHARED not longer than 80 characters.
 - Add check for new program_files_modified_swtime SYSGEN tag.
 - Clarify DOC: SORT by D (date/time) assumes all elements have the same
   timestamp format (reverse TDATE$ or MODSWTIME$).

 Changes in TOCED 13R1J (13R1I skipped to avoid confusion)

 - TOCED could get an IGDM when getting a new directory checkpoint in MFD mode
   if the number of catalogued files went into the hundreds of thousands, due
   to a bad return from a memory routine before calling MFDSP$.
 - Some early posts of 13R1H had a bug that caused an IGDM when doing an MFD
   due to a badly placed CSF$ image.
 - QUICK and LONG print modes not always carried over to paging correctly.
 - Increased max number of files supported for Marking in MFD mode from
   262143 to 600000, in both Local and Shared directories.
 - Improve determination of empty vs. non-empty files.
 - Add J0/JN0 commands: Jump if current file's sector 0 is/is not all zeroes.
 - Allow missing second number in LC[n,].

 Changes in TOCED 13R1H

 - Add T option to PRINT/LOCATE/FIND commands, to flag elements with TDATE$ ('<') or
   MODSWTIME$ ('.') timestamps in TOC mode. TOUCH/MSW/TD will always show flags.
 - Allow S option on LOCATE/FIND commands to force snapping of found entries,
   as though an 'ON S' had been done beforehand.
 - Show file as EMPTY if sector 0 all 0.
 - Ensure TDIFF command shows correct hours if > 63.
 - Fix discrepancies with code enabling/disabling tags (TIPCOD, QUECOD, etc.).
 - ~<ECL> and }<ECL> did not always generate the desired QECL$ call.
 - Reinitialize HIST data if saved data not from same TOCED release.

 Changes in TOCED 13R1G

 - Ensure UP command assumes C reply to exclusive use query so updates complete.
 - Display default XUSCHR if used after unsuccessful @ASG in batch/@BRKPT/@ADD.
 - No @ASG,AX query for XUSCHR in batch/@BRKPT/@ADD.
 - Reorganize paging commands to distinguish between those that do not include
   line numbers (PF,PB,PC,PH,PG) and those that do (LPF,LPB,LPC,LPH,LPG).
 - Add CF and CB as synonyms for FCF and FCB.
 - Add LP and LPL as synonyms for PG and LPG.

 Changes in TOCED 13R1F

 - Improve readability of time in TOC mode with Y on; 'RELOCATABLE' shortened
 - Improve position of QUEUE header based on line number mode (ON/OFF N).
 - Ensure FILE,SDF-addr command accepts octal as well as decimal sector address.
 - Fix bug: 'N' option on FILE command would be retained thru next FILE command.
 - Invalid elt cycle CHANGE in TOC mode would get IGDM.
 - Fix problems with CHANGE of date/time in TOC mode with Y on.
 - Listing or paging after getting a SELECT definition error could get IGDM.
 - COPY should not check output file max size if it's already initialized.
 - Fix possible queue file sort loop if MODSWTIME cells are unexpectedly zero.

 Changes in TOCED 13R1E

 - Allow CHANGE command to change TOC year up to 2444 vs. 2099.
 - CHANGE to elt in sorted TOC made correctly but wrong line displayed in reply.
 - If elt size exceeds 8 digits in TOC list, round to nearest 1000 (K) sectors.
 - Don't exit unnecessarily if certain ECL commands (MORE, ADD) get an error.
 - Correct DOC: SECDMP only performs sector dumps of files in MFD or QUEUE
   mode; for snaps of MFD or QUEUE items use P,S or ON SNAP in those modes.
 - TM on current TOC line would get an IGDM.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 9.

 Changes in TOCED 13R1D

 - Fix bug: SELECT of numeric item would only work in NUMBER ON mode.
 - Garbage message if MFD could not assign new checkpoint file.
 - SORT D would not word if TOC timestamps were in MODSWTIME format.
 - TOUCH will preserve timestamp format unless U option.

 Changes in TOCED 13R1C

 - Ensure GF and GB commands take SELECT mode into account.
 - Print msg if trying to go directly to unSELECTed line (vs. n/-, GF/GB, etc.).
 - Capture I/O 022 error & print message rather than erring off.
 - Some element timestamps in release file inadvertently converted to MODSWTIME.
 - Fix bug: ELT or GO while in TOC SELECT mode would get an error.
 - Fix bug: SNAP (P,S) of MFD or QUEUE item in SELECT mode got into print loop.
 - Fix bug: @TOCED,Q did not always retrieve multiple specifications correctly.
 - Fix bug: CHANGE command for elt's date could store it incorrectly if Y on.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 8 with the YR2100 configuration parameter set, to
   enable handling dates beyond Feb. 28, 2100.

 Changes in TOCED 13R1B

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 7: Recognize MODSWTIME as replacement for reverse
   TDATE$ in program files.
 - Revise MSWTIM & TDATE commands to convert between reverse TDATE$ & MODSWTIME.
 - Queue list not showing correct second count for files @SYM'd < 1 minute ago.

 Changes in TOCED 13R1A

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 6.
 - Modify MSWTIM and CHANGE commands to ignore seasonal offset bit when
   converting from TDATE$ to MODSWTIME.
 - Improve checking of SELECT in-range/not-in-range operators (==, ><).

 Changes in TOCED 13R1

 - Add support for the modified SWTIME date format introduced in CP 15.0. TOCED
   will handle it if found in a TDATE$ cell such as an MFD or TOC entry.
 - Add TDATE and MSWTIM commands, to enable converting element entry timestamps
   between TDATE$ and reverse MODSWTIME.
 - Add PAUSE command; means same as WAIT except default time unit is seconds.
 - Add options to TOUCH: T (TDATE$ timestamp), M (MODSWTIME$ timestamp),
   U (update timestamp vs. retaining current one).
 - Add YR1ST ON/OFF mode for alternate date format in TOC/MFD entries:
   YYYY-MM-DD vs. MM/DD/YY. If ON, time in TOC entries will be HHMM:SS.
   ON Y required to change TOC entries with year > 2027.
 - Use FUSION 2R4 to bank FUSION buffer and code.
 - Add opts. to queue COPY: J-Project as eltname; X-J/Q only if runid=EXEC 8.
 - Add *LOG and *SYM to CSF$ commands allowed.
 - Revise TDIFF to accommodate newer format of timestamps in run trailer sheet.
 - Ensure that P!, LAST, and similar commands do not cause loop EOF termination.
 - Change message: '** NO PRIOR x COMMAND FOR THIS MODE.' for L/F/C with no arg.
 - Add bank word total to bank header line in ABS ELT listing.
 - Don't error on attempt to enter non-executable ABS ELT.
 - Add ability to enter object modules to list the file.elts linked into them.
 - Add O option to FILE and OLD commands; do OMIT before switching.
 - Add format indicator to range in SEL? display if not the default 'A'.
 - Add E option to GEN: echo lines only, no @ADD file created.
 - Add &O insert to GEN: One field for type/subtype indicator.
 - Add &< insert to GEN: Toggle F option (full width) mode.
 - Add N option to EXIT & OMIT: omit "CHANGES APPLIED" or "NO CHANGES" message.
 - Add options to SPLIT: F-Show filenm in msg|N-No msg|W-No "REPLACED" warning;
   C-Observe PRINT column limits when generating lines.
 - Allow SPLIT to use 1-time column limits: SPLIT[n1,n2] ...
 - Save history and SELECT info across executions. On reentry, all SELECTs will
   be inactive.
 - Ensure file reject messages are not printed in super-brief LOOP mode.
 - Ensure DLOC mode initially set ON if privileged bit set in PCT.
 - Ensure modes are initially at default unless reload or MEM ON.
 - Ensure loop execution commands are not saved in history log.
 - Fix bug: Q call for timestamp range failed if either year was 00 (2000).
 - Fix bug: SELECT not working in MFD mode if any items marked.
 - Fix bug: SPLIT from SDF file could create garbage.
 - Fix bug: SELECT numeric field must have at least one non-blank digit.