XML 1R1F - XML Reading / Translating / Writing Utility
  Copies an XML file, ftp'd in binary from a PC to a file or omnibus element
(quote site ftyp omn), to an SDF file or symbolic element, with optional
formatting. Images are indented level*2[default] or level*field-3-elt-cycle.
  Also copies updated symbolic XML back to binary or omnibus in UTF-16 format
(SO options), or an unformatted symbolic to a formatted one (S option).
  Call: @XML[,options] file.[elt],file.[elt][,maxoutcol/cont.SGS-label(indent)]
Options:                                       ^40-512  ^<sp|;[G]> ^<XML> ^<2>
B|E-Omit Brackets(<>)|End tags(</XXX>) |L - List output. K - Replace " with "".
C|T-Continue/Truncate img if>maxoutcol:|N - Omit null tags: <XXX></XXX>,<XXX />
    default maxoutcol = 512, 132 if G. |O - Output is binary file or omnibus
D - Demand: default maxoutcol = 79.    |    elt; default = symbolic file/elt.
F - First field of SGS is sequence # of|P - Print images read by I|X or R.
    current level 1 item. See also Q.  |Q - Append sequence # of current level
G - Begin image w/ SGS label; default =|    1 item to SGS label. See also F.
    "XML" or field 3 eltname. Assumes  |R - If H, read up to 100 image pairs:
    B,E,N. Strings with periods will be|    tag, then SGS label to replace it.
    enclosed by two single quotes. Gens|S - Input is symbolic file or elt;
    FIRST/LAST tags if no H.See F,Q;H,R|    default = binary file/omnibus elt.
H - SGS labels are to be level 1 tags. |V - Show level numbers.
I|X-If G, read up to 100 case-sensitive|Z - If H, use level 0 tags.
    tags to In|eX-clude. End with @EOF.|Note: Z&R force G&H; H,I,X,F,Q force G.