NEWS        v-7R1A

Version 7R1A was released in August 2018.  New features include:

 -Log Entries corrected or added:
     408: labeled as "NAMCHG" to indicate its purpose.
     470-472,480-482: TIP File Control Maintenance.
   17006: ASIS Authentication Success/Failure.
 -Enhanced information when A option on:
      Type 101/3 -- Condition word at program termination preceded by CW=.
      Type 106/1 -- Priority after @RUN; non-zero condition word T2 preceded by
                    CW=; run options if any preceded by OPT=; <RM> indicator.
 -Display message, not error, if print file record max words (223) exceeded.
 -Display warning if full-screen mode used on non-UTS60 terminal.
 -Handle Audit Blocks of up to 65520 words.

NEWS        v-7R1

Version 7R1 was released in August 2017.  New features include:

 -New command COLOR controls color usage for log/TOC lines or compile listings.
 -A diagnostic message search option is available with the L and LC commands.
 -The A option, in addition to expanding ALAT editing, will indent and avoid
  splitting words for log entries that wrap.
 -Most error and informational messages are now in mixed-case ASCII.
 -Outstanding messages and their replies are now highlighted with '>'; replies
  will show wait time if 5 seconds or more, 1 second if A option.
 -Log Entries corrected or added:
     73: Includes Partition, version, and SCMS level if A option on.
    107: Shows correct termination time when A option on.
    109: Shows correct device, page/card count, and/or filename.
  17091: Displays text message if user changed password using @PWD.
 -Log entries displayed with D (dump) option are not truncated after one line.
 -EF/EB and CF/CB commands will skip over non-symbolic elts and deleted cycles.
 -COM command will interpret any number ending with a period as real.
 -CURMAX increased to 99.
 -ON/OFF command will reply by displaying current options.

NEWS        v-6R3

Version 6R3 was released in September 2016.  New features include:

 -Allow reading of runid print queue files (RUNID PR, RUNID PR/01, etc.).
  See HELP for ZIP-call and OLD/REATTACH.
 -New command COM evaluates arithmetic expressions and converts formats.
 -New commands PL [n] & LPL [n] display last page or last n records of file.
 -New commands CF & CB allow cycling forward/backward in multi-cycle files.
 -New commands EF & EB will move forward/backward in TOC and enter next elt.
 -Dates in TOC listings are shown in ISO format.
 -Display ISO format timestamps for more log entries, such as 71 and 1007/7.
 -Show reason for rejection in 808 entry; show clearance level in 812 entry.
 -Spare log files identified as such instead of getting INVALID SDF HEADER.
 -When '\' is used at the last record, the last record is included.

 == For earlier changes see HELP NEWS within ZIP. ==