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I use free software and help to develop it when I can.

A free and open-source UML modeling tool; I worked on the Sequence Diagrams.
A command-line utility that lets you tunnel arbitrary TCP connections when all you have is command-line access.
DVArchive Streaming Control Plug-ins
Input plug-ins for the Open Source xine and VideoLAN media players that let you control streaming of content from ReplayTV through DVArchive.
Mars MOLA Viewer
My first OpenGL real-time 3D graphics program; this lets you fly over the surface of Mars and renders actual terrain data from Mars Global Surveyor.
A LALR(1) parser generator written in C++ for use in C++; parses with an object emphasis.  I wrote it originally as an academic exercise but I use it because I am more familiar with it than the alternatives.
Browse-By-Query (BBQ)
A query language for browsing program elements; an extension of the browser concept letting you use query expressions.  This is built on my own Java OODB.  This is available as a plug-in for JBuilder and possibly other Java development environments.  I also want to extend it to support languages other than Java.

There is now a SourceForge site for this project, which uses BuildParse and incorporates ClassWriter. I've uploaded the code but there is much more to do to make the project usable by others. Check the project home page for current status.
World War 2 Online
I have developed tools to support the beleaguered Allied cause in this MMOG, and also helped with their web site.  The War Room is an interesting on-line collaboration tool developed in Java, and deployed either as an applet or by Java Web Start.

Source Archive
This Java class library reads a Java class file into a data structure that is easily manipulated in Java. You can also create a new class file from scratch. The modified class file can then be written out, and will (usually) be accepted as an executable class file by Java. Originally written as part of the class file postprocessor for my Java OODB, it also has been useful for patching the occasional Java program when you have no source. Includes a simple command-line disassembler.

Unfortunately, no documentation is yet available.
The KDE project (kdenetwork) and Bochs
I have made small, but I hope valuable contributions to these well-known open source development projects.