A Collection of Utility Processors and Libraries

for Unisys 2200 ClearPath Mainframes

These items are kept in PKZIPped FTPack format. Download by clicking on the name; then unZIP, upload to the Unisys as an ASCII file, and @ADD the file. In most cases, a temporary file will be created, with the @USE name UPF$ attached, which you can copy as needed to save. Files will normally include a <name>/README element, a <name>/DOC element, and a <name>/HTM element, which may be downloaded as <name>.htm for viewing with a browser.
{Note on "View DOC" links: To conserve space, some larger DOCs have been omitted or reduced to their Introductions. Also, most browser-viewable <name>/HTM elements are created at unpack time rather than included with the ZIP.}
   Programs on this site are TDATE$-ready, in keeping with timestamp changes introduced in CP 15.0 and later; that is, they will recognize either TDATE$ or MODSWTIME timestamps. When creating elements they will generate timestamps in the site's current format.

   DB32 mod. Programs so marked have had code updated to prevent ambiguities when interpreting the DB32 (Quarter Word Mode) Designator Register bit on SAIL systems, most likely encountered in old MASM utilities when testing for it (TP,T1 $) or switching between Fieldata and ASCII in remote EX character load/store sequences.
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2023-09-27 - Updated ZIP 7R2. (View Changes)
2023-09-27 - Updated LOGEX 2R4C. (View Changes)
2023-02-12 - Updated MFD 10R8C. (View Changes)
2020-08-28 - Updated PATH 1R5D. (View Changes)
2020-08-28 - Updated SORTOC 5R3C. (View Changes)
2020-03-06 - Updated TOCED 13R3J. (View Changes)
2020-03-06 - Updated MSD 3R3G. (View Changes)
2020-03-06 - Updated DOCHTM 1R2N. (View Changes)
2020-03-06 - Updated CYCLES 2R4G. (View Changes)
2019-12-31 - Updated FLIST 2R2L. (View Changes)
2019-12-31 - Updated MISCUTIL 19.2. (View Changes)
2019-12-05 - Updated FSED 4R3A. (View Changes)
2019-12-03 - Updated STM$PKG Rev. 11. (View Changes)
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BK1/BK2 - Breakpoint Print File Utilities .....[01 NOV 2018 (52 KB) -- Downloads: 2095]
BK1 and BK2 are long-standing utilities for breakpointing to and from print files. They have been enhanced with additional options for assigning, cataloguing, @SYMing, and editing print files with ED, FSED, IPF, MORE, TOCED, or ZIP.
-- Originally written by John Walker (FANG). Enhanced by Les Leist.
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CPMD 49R4 - UOM Conversational Post-Mortem Dump .....[06 FEB 2019 (566 KB) -- Downloads: 1947]
CPMD can peruse storage and register contents after execution of a Basic Mode program. Enhancements include latest instructions & ERs, suppressing repeated lines, 3WAY dumping command (Octal/Fieldata/ASCII), EPR (dump instructions in Extended Mode format), and FUSION full screen mode. CPMD has been converted completely to MASM, and will no longer need ASM to assemble some elements.
-- Originally written at University of Maryland. Enhanced by Les Leist.
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CYCLES 2R4G - F-Cycle Summary Utility .....[06 MAR 2020 (134 KB) -- Downloads: 1798]
CYCLES is a utility for printing a summary of all a file's F-cycles. Options can control the displaying of different items (relative vs. absolute cycle, backup info, assign count, initial or max granules, etc.)
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DMP 23R2 - Interactive, Multi-Functional Utility Processor .....[06 FEB 2019 (1305 KB) -- Downloads: 1942]
DMP is a versatile program with numerous commands relating to system, MCT, and directory information; and utility functions for files and tapes. This version has been upgraded for the latest MCT, MFD, and Audit Trail structures.
*** Although DMP has commands that work with @COPY,G tapes, DMP does not support the newer @COPY,G format with more than one track per block. There is also limited LPF and LEPF support. See DMP/README. ***

-- Written by Mark Rockman. Enhanced by Les Leist.
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DOCHTM 1R2N - Unisys File to HTML/Binary Converter .....[06 MAR 2020 (75 KB) -- Downloads: 1750]
DOCHTM can copy a text file or DOC-formatted element to an HTML-formatted output, suitable for downloading and viewing with a browser. Alternatively, it can copy the input to an omnibus elt for binary transfer to a PC, to be opened by a word processor like Word.
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DOWN 4R5G - UOM Downdater, with Enhancements .....[18 SEP 2019 (295 KB) -- Downloads: 2080]
The University of Maryland Downdater, for comparing two elements, SDF files, or program files, and optionally producing correction images or TCFs to update from one to the other. Enhancements include the W & HELP options, shortcuts for SPEC 2, full support for LPF/LEPF, and the removal of line number limits.
-- Originally written at University of Maryland. Enhanced by Les Leist.
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DSNAP$ 1R2D - Enhanced SNAP$ Replacement .....[30 DEC 2014 (45 KB) -- Downloads: 1640]
DSNAP$ is a routine that can replace the use of ER SNAP$. It includes enhancements such as dumping words in multiple formats (Octal, Fieldata, ASCII), dumping the minor register set, and dumpng to an alternate print file.
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FLIST 2R2L - UOM File Lister, with Enhancements .....[31 DEC 2019 (146 KB) -- Downloads: 1826]
The University of Maryland File Lister, for listing the contents of a tape, or listing and/or compiling all or selected elements in a program file. Enhancements include improved TOC list, recognizing Large Program Files and Large Element Files, and better control of page line counting and headers.
-- Originally written at University of Maryland. Enhanced by Les Leist.
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FSED 4R3A - Full Screen EDitor .....[05 DEC 2019 (402 KB) -- Downloads: 1542]
FSED is a general purpose text editor executing in full-screen demand mode on the Unisys 2200. It allows the user to create or change a symbolic file or element conversationally. Insertion, deletion, and replacement of text are allowed. Both ASCII and Fieldata text can be edited.
Although FSED is derived from a long-standing utility, certain options and defaults differ from earlier versions. Check DOC, @FSED,H, and HELP RLS.
Enhancements for FSED include:
•Support for screens up to 80 X 132.
•Maximum lines in update mode increased from 40,000 to over 217,000.
•Full support for LPFs and LEPFs. Supports SHARED directory.
-- Original author: John Campbell. Enhanced by Les Leist.
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FTPack 3R3D - Unisys File Packer for Transmission .....[01 NOV 2018 (189 KB) -- Downloads: 1910]
FTPack can compress a Unisys file into an SDF file suitable for downloading and transferring between Unisys 2200 systems by ftp or email attachment. A self-extracting file is produced which can simply be @ADDed by the receiving site.
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FUSION 2R4A--FUllscreen Simulation by Intercepted Output Nesting .....[17 AUG 2017 (237 KB) -- Downloads: 1672]
FUSION is a library utility, consisting of several PROCs and routines, that enables a program to display demand output in full screen mode with few modifications. It is used by several of the utilities at this site, including CYCLES, MSD, PATH, SORTOC, TOCED, and ZIP.
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KSORT$ 3R2B - Reentrant Internal Sort .....[07 DEC 2016 (56 KB) -- Downloads: 1608]
KSORT$ is a reentrant assembly language subroutine for sorting serial, fixed-length, memory-resident records.
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LOGEX 2R4C - Log File Extractor/Combiner .....[27 SEP 2023 (127 KB) -- Downloads: 1126]
LOGEX creates a single, ZIP-compatible output log file from one or more cycles of the system log file, with optional timestamp test, file selection, and type/runid exclusion or selection. It can be a powerful tool for extracting, combining, and archiving log files, either on the fly or by automated runstreams. LOGEX accepts input from ALAT or DSTA log files, on disk or on tape.
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MFD 10R8C - Master File Directory Utility .....[12 FEB 2023 (314 KB) -- Downloads: 2149]
This is the classic MFD utility, with many of the same calls, options, and formats; but upgraded for the latest directory structures and with many enhancements.
-- Originally written by D. Arthur (NYU), D. Kurland (ISD), and B. Hirschman (ISD). Upgraded by Les Leist.
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MISCLIBS 19.1 - A Collection of Miscellaneous Library Routines .....[06 FEB 2019 (306 KB) -- Downloads: 1695]
Includes date manipulation, number conversion, editing, and debugging routines;
•[A]EDDECV$,[A]EDDECF$, EDDEC1$/EDDEC2$ - routines for editing double word intgers;
•ERPFX$ 1R1D, a routine to redirect ER PFx$ calls to BSP$, thus allowing LPF/LEPF usage (View DOC);
•CALPRT$, a routine to print a calendar from within a program, + auxiliary processor CALPRT;
•DELFIL$ 1R3, a routine to delete all cycles of a file under packet control, + auxiliary processor DELFIL;
•GET$$TMSTMP$, GETPFTMSTMP$(View DOC), routines to retrieve the system's default element timestamp format (pre-CP 18);
•PCALL$, a routine to retrieve a program's processor call, whether INFOR$ or unformatted;
•SCRSIZ$, a routine for demand programs to retrieve terminal row & column size;
•SDFIBKM, an SDFI bookmarking routine for fast browsing thru SDF files;
•MBJ$, a set of procs for multibanking system or user libraries;
•STACK$(View DOC), BFACQ$(View DOC), & MPOOL, a set of memory management routines;
•PROCS/MISC, miscellaneous utility procedures;
•REGSNP, a routine for snapping any groups of four registers;
•SNOOPY/77R1U2, a modified SNOOPY that can handle LRS, SRS, and many of the newer byte/bit instructions.
•Includes SSGSDF63/TCF-24R3, an SSG fix to accept 252-character images & SGSs.
•Also includes two useful SSG skeletons: LINEUPSKEL (View desc.), for lining up items; and SYSCOMPSKEL (View desc.), for comparing installed products on different systems. Refer to the SSG source for full details.
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MISCUTIL 19.2 - A Collection of Miscellaneous Utilities .....[31 DEC 2019 (477 KB) -- Downloads: 1875]
(Click on individual names to view DOC, HELP, and/or examples.) Contains:
BKMSG 1R1B -- Send Message to Terminal from Within Breakpoint; •DEMQRY 1R3C -- Demand Query from Within @ADD Stream;
EOMEMAIL 1R1A -- Insert DEPCON E-mail keywords into file; •EMIFVA 1R1 -- List Extended Mode Call Interfaces & VAs;
ERROR -- Interpret EXEC Error Message; •FAC -- Interpret FAC Status Bits;
FDUMP 1R1 -- Dump File or Element using CPMD; •FL 2R1D -- Display Currently Assigned Files;
FREEALL -- Free All Files & reassign TPF$, DIAG$, SYS$*LIB$; •FREEM -- Free All Files, with Optional Termination;
HELMS 1R1C -- Help for ELMS Error Messages; •IOTFMT 1R1A -- Examine/Reformat SIP IO Trace tapes;
MINITOC 5R2A -- Tape File Summary; •PRIV 2R2 -- Sec/Clear Privileged Bit, List Privileges;
RUNINFO$ 5R1 -- Generate SDF SGS file with PCT & System Information;
SETCW -- Modify T3 and/or T2 of the Condition Word; •SDFXMN 1R1C -- Peruse SDF file/elt interactively
SIZE 2J -- Display Byte Size of Element or SDF File; •TIMING 2R1A -- Print SUP Times Between Program Executions
XML 1R1F -- XML Reformatting Utility; •ZERO 1R2B -- Initialize file to zeroes or any word;
INITREG$, TBIX$ -- Display initial registers, TIMEBYINDEX$ return values.
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MORE 2R2A - View Element or File Interactively .....[10 JAN 2019 (164 KB) -- Downloads: 1619]
MORE can view an element or file interactively in full screen (FUSION) mode. Commands are available to shift or toggle the starting column, advance forward or backward, view input in multiple columns, squeeze out redundant spaces, and show line numbers. MORE is also able to view MAPPER RIDs and indent SSG skeletons.
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MSD 3R3G - Mass Storage Display .....[06 MAR 2020 (226 KB) -- Downloads: 1789]
A processor to display a system's mass storage devices and their remaining tracks. Options provide for displaying fixed/removable, shared/local, and different statuses (UP, SU, RV, DN, etc.) Drives can be sorted by MCT order, tracks remaining, or packid. MSD can create an output SGS file of selected devices.
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PATH/GEN 1R5D - Shortcuts for Processors/Runstreams/Skeletons .....[28 AUG 2020 (159 KB) -- Downloads: 1550]
PATH enables defining a shortcut for invoking a processor, @ADDing a runstream, or executing an SSG skeleton. GEN allows the generating, saving, and/or executing of a runstream via utility skeleton GENSKEL. Other utility skeletons included are BDISKEL, FSORTSKEL, OMLISTSKEL, and TABLESKEL.
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PIPE$ 1R2A - Piping Processor Output to an Alternate File .....[22 APR 2010 (33 KB) -- Downloads: 1467]
PIPE$ allows a processor to redirect its output to a print alternate file. Piping may be activated either from within the program or in the processor call itself.
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PKTGEN$ 1R8 - Procedure for Generating Packets .....[16 NOV 2014 (51 KB) -- Downloads: 1514]
PKTGEN$ is a procedure which facilitates the generation of packets in MASM programs. It provides for cells of whole or partial word length, cell initialization, and overlapping cells. At the user's option, the packet may be drawn and the EQUF table listed.
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SCAN$ 2R2D - Package for Scanning Images .....[07 DEC 2016 (73 KB) -- Downloads: 1463]
A set of MASM routines for scanning ASCII or Fieldata images. Roughly complementary to the EDIT$ routines, they provide for copying characters and extracting strings or numbers under programmer control.
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SDFCOMP 2R9D - Program to Compress SDF Files or Elements .....[14 MAR 2018 (347 KB) -- Downloads: 1539]
SDFCOMP can compress source elements and SDF files. This is mainly intended for maintaining source files on the Unisys, although it can also be used to compress source before packing with FTPack.
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SORTOC 5R3C - Program File Table of Contents Sorter .....[28 AUG 2020 (302 KB) -- Downloads: 1573]
SORTOC is a utility for perusing the table of contents of one or more program files from a demand terminal. A specially formatted listing, one element per line, will be output. Various sorting and selection options are available to specify particular elements to list, display procedure names or entry points, or generate ECL for each selected element. SORTOC is "read-only" in that it does not directly modify any input files. Accompanied by UNDELETE.
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STM$PKG Rev. 11 - Date/Time Retrieval/Editing Package .....[03 DEC 2019 (73 KB) -- Downloads: 1044]
STM$PKG is a package for retrieving, converting, and editing date/time items using the newer ERs DWTIME$ and SYS$TIME, while providing help migrating from older formats like TDATE$. It uses only the basic EDIT$/AEDIT$ routines rather than the new or expanded ones such as EDIT$T/AEDIT$T, TIMESUBR$, and TIMECONV$.
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TITLE 4R3 - Block Letter Title Page Processor .....[25 JUL 2018 (127 KB) -- Downloads: 1581]
TITLE can create one or two title pages using block characters. Items such as runid, date, system, EXEC level, account, and project may be inserted.
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TOCED 13R3J - Table of Contents Editor .....[06 MAR 2020 (699 KB) -- Downloads: 2959]
TOCED is the classic utility used to conversationally edit a program file's table of contents, including changing element information and deleting or undeleting elements. Commands are modeled on the original @ED Text Editor (see DOC or type HELP). TOCED also allows read-only access to the Master File Directory, system print queues, and elements within a file. If privileged, the user may delete and requeue print files.
•Enhancements for level 13R1 include TDATE$ readiness.
•Enhancements for level 12R9 include using the new SMOQ$HNDLR interface for the QUEUE command if available, allowing the retrieval of up to 6241 files.
•Enhancements for level 12R6 include the SELECT and COUNT commands.
•Enhancements for level 12R5 include the C option for the QUEUE command, which allows the accumulation of successive QUEUE calls as another way of bypassing the 169-file limit. Up to about 6200 files may be retrieved.
•Enhancements for level 12R4 include the QGENF command, which provides the ability to list queue files directly from SYS$*GENF$ (read access required), thus bypassing the 169-file limitation of ER SMOQUE$ and allowing a maximum of over 252,000 files.
•Enhancements for level 12R3 include forward and backward paging, support for SHARED as well as local MFD, the COPY command for elts or queue files, ON SNAP mode for most modes, HELP for individual commands, FUSION full screen mode for output display, full support for all types and sizes of program files (PF, LPF, LEPF), and a new mode for object module entry points.
-- Originally written by Mike Darnell of Unisys. Enhanced by Les Leist.
(DOC no longer posted; obtain from download.)    (View changes)
UNDELETE 5R3B - Program to Reestablish a Deleted Element .....[25 JUL 2017 -- Downloads: 1545]
UNDELETE is a program to reestablish a deleted element in a program file. It is a companion program to SORTOC, is based on the same source, and has a similar display. (UNDELETE comes with the SORTOC package; both point to the same file.)
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ZIP 7R2 - Fast, Read-only Text Processor .....[28 SEP 2023 (665 KB) -- Downloads: 757]
ZIP is a fast read-only text processor that can read SDF format files and elements; ALAT, DSTA, and TIP TPM log files; and any 2200 sector-formatted file in block mode. Records can be selected, sorted, reformatted, and written to a different output file or element.
•New features in 7R2 include updated log entry types 106/2 & 17003; support for COD and SPM audit trails; LIM D command; HELP OUT describes output continuation.
•New features in 7R1B include log entry types 820, 821, 17008; TPM log entry type 10/13 shows VA of ER TDATE$ calls; added DT and TDC commands; support reading of IRU extract audit files; RP,F dumps log entry in Fieldata vs. ASCII.
•New features in 7R1A include log entry types 470-472, 480-482, and 17006; @RUN priority, options, & condition word T2 if >0 for 106/1; warning message if full screen mode used on non-UTS60 terminal; no error if prt record too large; handle Audit Blocks of up to 65520 words.
•New features in 7R1 include COLOR command to distinguish log/TOC entries and compile list error messages (searchable with new L/LC option); A option will avoid splitting words across lines; outstanding messages & replies highlighted by '>'; EF/EB and CF/CB commands will skip over non-symbolic elts & deleted cycles.
-- Written by Ward Condit.
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Programs written by Les Leist unless otherwise noted. Utilities are provided "as is" without warranty.mailto:spam@uce.gov
Testing and ideas by Erich Staubringer and Ward Condit, esp. FSED, TOCED, MFD, FTPack, ZIP, FUSION, DOWN, MSD, LOGEX.
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